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Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 20:45:06

Hey everyone, I am very new to this page, and don't know if anyone will even be able to read this! but here goes..

Me and my other half have been ttc for 5 years. I have pcos, I have since I was 14/15 and I'm now 23 my tubes are all fine and health wise I'm doing good other than the common side effects to PCOS such as unwanted hair, over weight, mood swings etc .. Anyway me and my other half are on our first round of clomid the doctor has finally done something! we have been left for so long with no help .. Even though we are finally on the right tracks I feel very disheartened every month and my motivation gets weaker and weaker when I see that dreaded negative test!
I'm on 50mg of clomid from day 2-6 of my cycle and had wonderful news on it actually making me ovulate I had a score of 34 if that makes any sense.. I'm feeling all the symptoms however I don't trust them until I see that "positive" I get symptoms every month (phantom pregnancy). Is anyone else going through the same? Does any have any success stories? .. I know I sound all doom and gloom just a bit fed up and need to hear some positive stories.
Thank you to anyone who reads this and I hope if anyone else out there is feeling like me they can find their answers and get their wishes for a baby!

Kim x

mrspana Mon 02-Mar-15 20:49:49

I was the same, 4yrs ttc with pcos, cycles anywhere up to 80 days.... We fell pregnant with fraternal twins first round of Clomid, we had 3 eggs.... And have just had a big surprise bfp due in August. Hopefully it will happen this cycle for you x

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 20:57:36

Thank you for getting back!
Oh Congratulations!!

I don't know if it's normal to feel down and weepy with clomid I'm not normally like this obviously pregnancy is a very delicate subject for me at the moment because and it hurts to say this I am getting very jealous of others who are pregnant sad I feel awful but I can't help it .. Mainly people who I feel are not ready but who am I to judge that's what makes it worse! did you get this to?
Kim x

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 20:58:23

Sorry what does bfp mean? X

BeyondRepair Mon 02-Mar-15 21:00:00

Try and loose weight, anything will help, anything, exercise, and it will benefit you when you fall pregnant to be healthier. Eat well and also metformin is good. But weight loss, regular exercise is a huge key

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 21:08:09

I have actually been given Mataforin before just before clomid it gave me bad tummy problems so got taken off of it again. Yeah I deffo need to motivate myself to have a good diet and good exercise regime.
Thanks x

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 21:08:45


Idefix Mon 02-Mar-15 21:21:46

I conceived on my very last round of clomid 17 and bit yrs ago, prior to starting the clomid I hadn't had a period for three years. Being on clomid was very, very hard - I was an emotional wreck. I also used ovulation predictor sticks. It took a while but was worth it.
Good luck op

mrsm16 Mon 02-Mar-15 21:24:59

I conceived on second round of clomid, was a hormonal mess both months! now 29 weeks pregnant with twins so hang in there! keep working on the weight loss too as hard as it is I conceived my first naturally and was after a bit of weight loss so does help! good luck

Ohwhatsoccuring Mon 02-Mar-15 21:26:50

I have 3 clomid babies (3 separate pregnancies) the first took 9 mths, the second 1 mth and third took 6 mths.
I didn't have PCOS though I had endometriosis instead.
Good luck

Idefix Mon 02-Mar-15 21:27:50

Agree with the weight loss, I lost just over a stone before I got pregnant. Not much but may have helped.

Stillyummy Mon 02-Mar-15 21:35:06

Currently 29 weeks pregnant with my clomid baby. I hated the drug, it made me moody, tearfull, sick and generally like I had no control over how I felt... but every kick tells me it was worth it.
Hang in there xx

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 21:45:08

Thanks so much everyone I shall let you all know I can test the end of the week but very nervous x

ErrolTheDragon Mon 02-Mar-15 21:47:44

BFP means 'Big Fat Positive' - in relation to a pregnancy test.

Kim, if you're ovulating with Clomid that's excellent news - fingers crossed for you. I was a lot older than you when I first started to TTC, took a while to get PCOS diagnosis (I'd never really thought about why I had acne and a very irregular long cycle when not on the pill). I was 37 by the time I got clomid prescribed, first cycle I thought might have worked - it didn't - but the second cycle did. I've got a lovely 16yo DD which is a pretty big positive result!

Good luck!

WineIsMyMainVice Mon 02-Mar-15 21:52:23

Chlomid turned me into the devil every month!! Getting DH to dtd after I'd been a right old bitch for a week was interesting!
Good luck...

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 22:02:58

Thank you for all your replies.
That's so good that it worked for you!
I have loads of symptoms this month but don't wanna get my hopes up just incase it's not I do have faith in this tablet though before I started i ovulated 2 since my first round I ovulated 34 pretty big jump (not really sure what the numbers they give you mean on the 21 day test but it looks good lol)

Thatssofunny Mon 02-Mar-15 22:08:49

I'm currently on clomid (only second round). Not sure why, though, since I ovulate regularly. Our fertility appointment isn't until later this year, and any tests so far haven't brought anything up. Both DH and I are apparently perfectly healthy. hmm
I have to admit, I hate being on it. It makes me feel incredibly anxious; I start to cry at the slightest problem and generally feel really wobbly. Not helpful in my job at all. sad Luckily, it stops again after the five days, but I need my boss to be really understanding during that time...which isn't like me at all. (I'm usually quite independent and don't tend to need anybody molly-coddling me.)

Sometimes, I get pregnancy "symptoms"...particularly when AF is late by a few days. It's disheartening, but I'm just glad when it's merely a late AF, instead of another mc. It'll happen. Sooner or later. I'm just dragging myself through to the appointment now. They either find the problem and fix it or they tell me that there's no chance in hell I'll carry to term. All I want is an answer and to stop being stuck in limbo, really.
Not very helpful at all. Sorry. sad But might help to know that you are not alone.

catnipkitty Mon 02-Mar-15 22:10:07

I conceived with Clomid, then later naturally conceived twins. Don't give up hope!

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 22:26:47

You are not alone either I made this thread so women and men can see they aren't alone it's a like a hidden issue no one wants to talk about because you seem mad telling people your struggling and you get the "it will happen don't worry" which doesn't really help you at all, I wanna talk to people in the same boat and help encourage each other smile because it's such a horrible thing to be going through

It's nice to hear some positivity smile x

WhoremoaneeGrainger Mon 02-Mar-15 22:52:40

My DD is a Clomid baby too.

Second month. That stuff just messes with your head. But it is so worth it.

Tried twice more after DD, but no joy. But am sooo grateful for her.

Good luck OP

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 23:19:01

Sorry I don't know all these short words what's DD? Congratulations!!! That's so good x

JessieMcJessie Mon 02-Mar-15 23:48:27

Kim if you look under "topics" and click on "becoming a parent " you'll find a whole talk board called "conception" with lost of people sharing stories of ttc (trying to conceive). Good support there. There is also a page somewhere on Mumsnet that explains all the shorthand like DD (dear daughter) and bfp. Best of luck.

Kimdarling Mon 02-Mar-15 23:51:26

Thanks Jessie smile x

AnyFucker Mon 02-Mar-15 23:52:59

I have two Clomid babies (both strapping teenagers now). It was a long and twisty route to get there, but get there we did

A progestogerone test of 34 is very good.

Don't lose hope !

GrimDamnFanjo Tue 03-Mar-15 00:22:29

I got my clomid baby after 6 cycles. What helped me was learning about my own cycle, I even knew my luteal phase length so knew immediately when I was pregnant.

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