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To buy contact lenses online?

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Elfina Tue 24-Feb-15 18:16:25

I'm due a lens check, which I will certainly go to as soon as I can but Specsavers can't give me a flipping appointment outside of my working hours before 6 weeks! I'm about to run out of lenses. Would just getting some online be daft?

Beanie99 Tue 24-Feb-15 18:19:17

I buy all mine online, never had any problems with them at all.

Elfina Tue 24-Feb-15 18:30:39

Can you tell me where you get them,*beanie*??!!

PatrickOShea Tue 24-Feb-15 18:32:11

I get mine from VisionDirect, formerly GetLenses. They're great. So long as you know the prescription, it's fine.

gaggiagirl Tue 24-Feb-15 18:32:43

I get mine online too. The company I use have recently re named themselves and I cant flippin remember what its called. But I get free next day delivery with them.

gaggiagirl Tue 24-Feb-15 18:33:56

Yes that's the one! Same as patrick.

OnIlkelyMoorBahtat Tue 24-Feb-15 18:34:20

I get mine from Vision Direct too. Never had any problems.

googietheegg Tue 24-Feb-15 18:35:33

Vision direct here too - no problems, quick and cheap

LindyHemming Tue 24-Feb-15 18:35:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DiscoMoo Tue 24-Feb-15 18:36:00

I've got some from daysoftlenses before to tide me over till my next ones arrived and they were fine.

ginmakesitallok Tue 24-Feb-15 18:37:58

You'll need a current prescription to get them online.

SuburbanRhonda Tue 24-Feb-15 19:04:54

If they can't give you an appointment, they should provide you with enough lenses until your appointment, even if you haven't had your lens check.

Is there another Specsavers you could go to? They seem to be everywhere!

TantrumsAndBalloons Tue 24-Feb-15 19:06:19

Vision direct here too, for mine, ds1, dds and now ds2.

Highly recommend

Unmissable Tue 24-Feb-15 19:06:55

Getting them on-line is fine - they'll be exactly the same lenses, but the on-line supplier will need to check with your optician and isn't allowed to supply them unless you've got uptodate aftercare

sashh Tue 24-Feb-15 19:07:27

I use VisionDirect too

fustybritches Tue 24-Feb-15 19:08:07

I didn't have a problem with lenses bought online but the supermarket solution made my eyes red and sore, so I went back to Specsavers. You can get another pair if you call them up, not sure how quickly they'll be delivered.

Lolly86 Tue 24-Feb-15 19:10:09

I use vision direct you don't need a prescription as long as u know ur lenses strength they trust you to get regular checks on your eyes etc. it's next day delivery I've never had any problems . I also like the fact you get a little pack of haribo and a calendar with your order grin

CasperGutman Tue 24-Feb-15 19:10:10

Fine to buy them online but make sure you have an up to date prescription and buy the exact ones prescribed.

throckenholt Tue 24-Feb-15 19:10:20

another vote for VisionDirect - very easy. I have only bought from them twice - but both very straightforward.

bigbluestars Tue 24-Feb-15 19:19:44

"but the on-line supplier will need to check with your optician and isn't allowed to supply them unless you've got uptodate aftercare"

That is not true.

I do get my eyes checked at Specsavers, but I just tell them I buy the same lenses online. They are happy with that.

I have never been asked for a copy of my prescription or information about my optician- online companies don't care.
I buy my lenses from fast delivery and very cheap.

Norland Tue 24-Feb-15 19:49:44 for me,pdtr0:741809|741811&tbm=shop&q=contact+lenses&spd=0

frankie001 Tue 24-Feb-15 19:51:49

I use daysoft. Never had any problems.

Norland Tue 24-Feb-15 19:52:39

Dunno what went wrong with the link for the search; here's a shortened version

CharlesRyder Tue 24-Feb-15 19:56:08

I like the haribo too Lolly. I think all post should contain sweets.

Lloydgeorge Tue 24-Feb-15 20:00:08

Why do you have to get your eyes checked regularly if your sight seems the same? It's a year since I've had mine checked. Is there a reason for going more often?

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