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To be shaken up?

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chlo95 Mon 23-Feb-15 16:33:17

I've just taken my yorkshire terrier for a walk. On the way back, literally round the corner from my house, a green car pulled up next to me (there's a grass verge that runs alongside the pavement so he wasn't directly next to me but close) with a man driving and a woman in the passenger seat, and they were staring at my dog. They then wound the window down and the woman started making like a tut to the dog asif to call her over. the man started asking about the dog. Or 'the pup' as he called it. How old is it, where did I get it from, have I got the papers, etc. I said yes, and started walking away. They then reversed the car in the direction I was walking. I picked up the dog and legged it home. The car wasn't following or i'd have gone into the corner shop and waited till they called the police. I was terrified they'd get out and grab her. I've got home and burst into tears but bf thinks i'm being silly and have just scared myself reading about all the dogknappings going on round here. Bf thinks they've probably just lost their dog and are driving around looking for it. I feel like I daren't take her out again and will have to watch her in the garden more now. Being a yorkie, she often tries to escape, and sometimes manages it seen as the landlord won't fix the bloody fence grr. Anyway, AIBU to not just forget about this? I want to write it all over fb and report it to the police but maybe they genuinely were just looking for their dog? I'm still shaking though and the dog is curled up on my knee, she knows something's wrong!

SnipSnapCrashCrack Mon 23-Feb-15 16:35:28

Yy to reporting to the police. Something similar happening near me where cars are slowing down next to people and asking about the dog sad far to many going missing sad

BertieBotts Mon 23-Feb-15 16:35:50

Definitely sounds worth a call to 101, they will know if they are dognappers or just looking. Sorry you've had a shock! Have some tea.

nequidnimis Mon 23-Feb-15 16:36:49

It sounds more like someone who's lost their dog to me. I'm not sure they'd be so blatant if they wanted to steal a dog. They could've been nicer about it though, and offered an explanation - wrong to have intimidated you, even if they were worried about their dog.

ObsidianEagle Mon 23-Feb-15 16:39:03

really? thats not how people look for lost dogs by me.

i'd report it, i think its suspicious.

wowfudge Mon 23-Feb-15 16:41:35

Report it - you were frightened by their behaviour and you have a pedigree dog. Is she micro chipped?

MrsMonkeyBear Mon 23-Feb-15 16:41:54

This just happened to my sis and her chihuahua. Please call 101.

OhMjh Mon 23-Feb-15 16:43:35

Report it. The amount of dog knappings which happen like that are unreal.

chlo95 Mon 23-Feb-15 16:46:22

Yes she's microchipped. Which area if you don't mind me asking MrsMonkeyBear? Boyfriend seems to think that because she's chipped and she is our dog it means noone else can take her, not sure it works like that haha. She is old - 10, and spayed, and only has 2 teeth so not like she'd be any bloody use to them if they want them for breeding etc but terrifies me thinking something bad could happen. I've just rang my mum and she says phone the police too on 101, I think I best had. Just wish I'd have got the bloody registration number. Didn't even notice the make, just the colour.

SoonToBeMrsB Mon 23-Feb-15 16:46:58

Definitely report it. There are far too many dogs being stolen, I'm terrified that something will happen to mine.

BuzzardBird Mon 23-Feb-15 16:49:20

Get your fence fixed chlo, don't wait for the landlord to do it. And call 101, they will soon let you know if they think you are worrying about nothing.

Itsgoingtoreindeer Mon 23-Feb-15 16:51:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HayDayRookie Mon 23-Feb-15 16:55:39

This happened to me two years ago in surrey. I own a whippet and she trots along beside me off the lead. Three lads,late teens/early twenties drove past,braked then reversed and stopped next to me.
My heart was thumping in my chest,they didn't say anything just stared at the dog.
So i channelled my best little britain impression and shouted "WHAT?"
Then they called me a fat slag and drove off.

chlo95 Mon 23-Feb-15 16:56:10

I have done, just phoned 101 and they're going to make a note of it. He said he could've just been innocent and had lost a dog. Checked the local facebook sites, doglost etc and no yorkies lost that match her description in this area. It just didn't feel right.. glad other people don't think i'm being silly. BF is laughing but he's very much of the mindset that everyone is lovely, people only commit crime when forced into it, etc etc. Thanks everyone, feeling better now it's off my chest and i'm on my second cup of tea haha.

Bowlersarm Mon 23-Feb-15 16:56:43

That sounds really suspicious. I think you should report it, especially as you know what vehicle they are driving.

Bowlersarm Mon 23-Feb-15 16:57:45

If they were looking for their dog wouldn't the normal thing to have done is to ask you if you had seen it??

Itsgoingtoreindeer Mon 23-Feb-15 16:59:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoonToBeMrsB Mon 23-Feb-15 16:59:23

If they were looking for their dog wouldn't the normal thing to have done is to ask you if you had seen it??


Your DP needs to be a bit more savvy, dogs are being stolen all the time. People are being followed home and wake up to fine the pavement outside their homes marked with spray paint to signal that they own a dog.

ChoresAreForBores Mon 23-Feb-15 16:59:28

Please report to 101, it's not just about breeding, unfortunately lots of dogs are taken as bait dogs sad

DarylDixonsDarlin Mon 23-Feb-15 16:59:52

We've had a spate of this recently in Cornwall too, OP. I'd report it, also no harm in sharing on facebook if that is what you would like to do, but be aware it may get taken on by some drama llamas and become Chinese whispers on FB (that has happened down here too!)

We have also had people going door to door posing as the RSPCA to specifically enquire after dogs confused I don't understand it. Its not like there is a national shortage of dogs hmm

ChoresAreForBores Mon 23-Feb-15 17:00:40

Sorry just seen your update. Good stuff op - enjoy your tea.

hodgepodgepanda Mon 23-Feb-15 17:02:26

That's how a lot of dogs are been taken right now , especially around west Yorkshire (Bradford etc) .
They don't care about age etc as the older ones that are taken are just used for dog fights or to train for dog fights .
Doesn't matter if they are chipped as they don't exactly take them to the vets to be checked over or what not .

Also keep an eye out for any graffiti/marks outside your house as this tells the gangs you have a dog.

DarylDixonsDarlin Mon 23-Feb-15 17:02:37

People are being followed home and wake up to fine the pavement outside their homes marked with spray paint to signal that they own a dog

Why are they doing that, is it just so they can steal the dog and sell it on or what? Is it only pedigrees they target?

chlo95 Mon 23-Feb-15 17:03:06

hayday haha, I was pleasant and just replied yes I have her papers, and she's not a pup, she's 10. Anyone who knows anything about the breed can see she's an old dog. She's bony, cloudy-eyed etc, a bit scruffy.. which leads me to think maybe they don't have a yorkie. They were a bit scrotey looking too (sure that's not the right adjective but it does the job) - they just didn't look like yorkie owners, although I know that's a bit of a daft comment, it just striked me as odd. Also can't help but thinking if my dog was missing and I thought I saw it with someone else, first thing i'd do would be shout it's name to see if it responded, not just make noises at it to beckon it? Anyway it's reported now so should anything else happen hopefully they'll be able to prove they've attempted to do it before.

hodgepodgepanda Mon 23-Feb-15 17:04:49

Do post on fb as it will make people a lot more aware & give a description so they know what to look for

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