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To spend silly money on a Sleepyhead Grand Pod?

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mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 22:48:01

Dd is almost one, and she doesn't sleep through. I know this is normal, but I am very very tired and considering all options! When she wakes she's not usually hungry, more wanting comfort. When we bring her into our bed she snuggles up and sleeps, no problem.

I think the problem is that she wakes up in her big empty cot and feels sad and alone. According to the Internet, the answer is a Sleepyhead Grand Pod. Sadly the bloody things cost £150! Even I think that's a high price for sleep, and it might not even work.

Should I get one? Would rolled up towels work just as well? I live in hope that someone will want to sell me a barely used second hand one for £20 and am perusing the local baby pages on Facebook accordingly.

mommy2ash Sat 21-Feb-15 22:50:46

i would co sleep before i would buy that

AbsInTheClub Sat 21-Feb-15 22:51:51

I want one (well, the newborn one, 0-8mo) for soon-to-be-born child, but the price!!! I don't understand how it is so £££!

sillymillyb Sat 21-Feb-15 22:52:13

I had ds and he refused to sleep in it hmm there was no compromise for co sleeping it would seem (in his eyes!) I bought it out of desperation though!

sillymillyb Sat 21-Feb-15 22:52:37

I had one for ds that should read!

AbsInTheClub Sat 21-Feb-15 22:52:55

We do co-sleep with existing DC, I still would like one of these for new DC!

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 22:55:56

They are bloody lovely! But so expensive.... Hmmm. To be honest we end up cosleepling most nights, but dh and I don't sleep well when we do, despite the lovely cuddles.

mangofizz Sat 21-Feb-15 22:56:00

How big is she? My lb was 9lb 5oz born and lasted until about 16 weeks in the normal sized one (could probably have got a bit longer out of it but certainly nowhere near until 8months) and we moved onto the bigger one then and got rid of it a few weeks ago (when he was 9months) as he was trying to move around more in the cot and it was getting in the way. He was filling it by that point too (weighs about 22lbs now - 75th centile)

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 22:56:10

And her endearing snores

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 22:57:41

She's about that weight too mangofizz, and she's very tall compared to her baby pals. Maybe she's too big for it anyway.

AbsInTheClub Sat 21-Feb-15 23:00:17

Try the rolled up towels thing you said, then let me know!!!

mangofizz Sat 21-Feb-15 23:02:09

I sympathise on the no sleeping front by the way, i'd give anything for 4 hours straight, hell even 3 at the moment!

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 23:02:41

I'll let you know! Knowing her she'll probably unroll them all and use them to engage the cats in a dramatic game of peekaboo grin

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 23:03:54

My friend looked after her the other day as dh and I have both had flu, and we slept all afternoon! We missed her, but it was such a treat!

Reenskar Sat 21-Feb-15 23:04:41

I had the newborn one for my DS. Grandpod wasn't around then. The covers are a bugger to change (and it only came with one! Spares pretty pricey too). But....he slept like a dream in it. So worth it, although was too big by 5 months. Rolled up towels might work for a 1 year old.....

avocadotoast Sat 21-Feb-15 23:04:53

Rolled up towels under a sheet, I heard. So she won't be able to get hold of them. It might work, better to try that before spending £150!

Piffyonarockbun Sat 21-Feb-15 23:08:00

we have one and our 1 year old dd sleeps very well in it however she is only on the 2nd centile for height. i do like it but when i took the fancy cover off to wash it i felt very ripped off!! it is essentially a sausage shaped piece of cheap polyester stuffing on a pad of more cheap stuffing and a cardboard bottom!

it did get our dd out of our bed (although we have a co sleeper cot she wouldnt entertain it before the sleepyhead) but had i known what it was made of i would have cobbled my own together and saved some money. they make the cover feel expensive so you think it is worth the money but the inside must cost them literally pennies to make shock

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 23:10:49

Right, I shall try the towels and report back. I also thought about encouraging her to get obsessed with particularly attached to a comforting toy or muslin or something. She has lots of toys and teddies, but not one she's especially fond of. I know this might help to comfort her but I still remember the large and quite grotty polar bear which came with us everywhere when I was a child because my db loved it so much. And then what if you lose said beloved item? No sleep again ever?

Isisizzie Sat 21-Feb-15 23:11:08

What about a v-shaped pillow under a single fitted sheet?

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 23:13:49

I'm not surprised you were disappointed Piffy! Not at all what you'd expect for the price. Cardboard bottom?! shock

mindthegap79 Sat 21-Feb-15 23:15:50

Maybe I'll try cot bedding rather than a sleeping bag, it might make her feel more enclosed.

cerealqueen Sat 21-Feb-15 23:24:54

we used this, kept DDs snug and safe

andadietcoke Sat 21-Feb-15 23:28:55

We have two for our 17mo DTs who graduated from the normal Sleepyheads at 9mo to these. The cardboard is just so that the base keeps its shape in the packaging - it should be removed before use!

AbsInTheClub Sat 21-Feb-15 23:29:48

After Piffy's reiew, I don't think I can justify the spend! I think the towels fashioned into the same shape as the Sleepyhead is definitely worth a go. Please do update!
Else, just embrace the co-sleeping! I was mainly considering one as our older child is still in the family bed, and I don't see him moving by the time our new arrival gets here, and thought it would be a nice space for baby in the family bed.

Butterfly13 Sat 21-Feb-15 23:32:14

They are currently on ebay for around the £50 mark

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