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To ask what squash/juice you give your children to drink?

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Littleonesgettingbigger Fri 20-Feb-15 16:01:24

My two daughters aged one and five, drink about 1 litre of diluted squash a day (they do not drink milk or water it anything else). I am happy with them drinking squash as at least they are drinking (which is very important due to constipation problems with youngest). I used to give them watered down fresh apple juice but the dentist mentioned this was too acidic for their teeth to have throughout the day. So I changed to apple high juice (not sugar free), the dentist at this times checkup said this was basically like giving them sugar water to drink and is bad for their teeth and advised me to change to sugar free squash. I am reluctant to do this due to asparatem? What do you all give your children to drink (those of you that use squash/juice)? Thank you in advance

MrsTawdry Fri 20-Feb-15 16:03:36

I gave mine water or milk from day one and that's what they have. In your position I would begin slowly eliminating it by adding less and less juice to each drink until evntually it's just water.

poocatcherchampion Fri 20-Feb-15 16:04:52

None! None of us touch it here.

hellsbells99 Fri 20-Feb-15 16:05:14

Sainsburys sugar free squash - it does not contain aspartame.

HoneyIsBeePoo Fri 20-Feb-15 16:05:53

Agree with MrsT, just reduce it until they're drinking water. It's so bad for their teeth to drink nothing but juice!

Macloveswill Fri 20-Feb-15 16:06:26

Water or milk only at home, whatever she likes (non-fizzy) on rare occasions when we're out and about or she's at a party.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 20-Feb-15 16:07:03

I got lucky in that dd would drink water, still does as a main drink at 13, but has fizzy crap now too and tea and coffee.

Seriouslyffs Fri 20-Feb-15 16:07:11

You may be happy but you're very misguided.

IpsyUpsyDaisyDo Fri 20-Feb-15 16:07:53

DD 2.5 drinks water and milk. Very occasionally she may have one of those little cartons of juice, but it doesn't happen often. Your DDs don't need squash in their water, I would do as MrsTawdry suggests and gradually eliminate it.

MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Fri 20-Feb-15 16:09:11

Squash doesn't exist as a product in the country I live in - kids all drink diluted fresh apple juice, water or milk. Pre teen girls drink diluted black or red currant juice (not ribena but the berry juice) - apparently that's how you know they are growing up grin

That probably doesn't help much... Not sure there there is any other option than the ones you've already listed. Why don't they drink water?

Cantbelievethisishappening Fri 20-Feb-15 16:10:26

Really Poo? None 'of us'? hmm

I gave my daughter very diluted sugar free squash recommended by her dietician. Am trying to remember the brand. As she got older I just stopped giving it to her and replaced it with orange juice or just water.

nequidnimis Fri 20-Feb-15 16:10:33

I agree that you should consider increasing the dilution until they're happily drinking plain water.

In the meantime use a sugar free squash without aspartame (although there is lots of misinformation about aspartame and it wouldn't worry me).

SweetsForMySweet Fri 20-Feb-15 16:12:33

My dc is 2 yrs old and I only give milk or water. My dn's seem to like mi-wadi but fairly diluted. Check the sugar content before you buy, I'm sure there is a big difference between sugar free and no added sugar.

poocatcherchampion Fri 20-Feb-15 16:13:49

Huh? Yes correct. None of us here in this household

MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Fri 20-Feb-15 16:14:28

Can'tbelieve I assume Poo means nobody in her family/ house, not nobody on MN! grin

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 20-Feb-15 16:14:59

Would they maybe like fruit tea?

Littleonesgettingbigger Fri 20-Feb-15 16:15:43

hellesbelles99 that is very interesting about the sainsburys sugar free squash, what flavours does it come in?

Charlotte3333 Fri 20-Feb-15 16:15:52

Mine drink pretty much anything I offer up. They have water in their bedrooms at night, they have apple or orange juice in the mornings with breakfast, they have a glass of milk at supper and if they want squash we have ribena, sainsburys own non-aspartame stuff, and if we're out for a treat they can have fizzy pop.

They don't ever whine about what they drink and will regularly ask for water at other people's houses, and will help themselves to my bottled water when we're in the house. I tend to think everything in moderation is fine (and they both have lovely strong teeth so unless that changes I shan't worry).

Cantbelievethisishappening Fri 20-Feb-15 16:16:54

Hmm.... I think you are right Mr smile

Littleonesgettingbigger Fri 20-Feb-15 16:17:07

Unfortunately water only is not an option as one year old needs enough fluid a day to enable her medication for chronic constipation to work. And milk is not an option as she is dairy free and will not drink the alternatives.

CuddlesfromChickens Fri 20-Feb-15 16:18:26

How about water with a little food colouring in?

GetSober Fri 20-Feb-15 16:18:56

Just as a data point: I confessed to a paediatrician that the majority of DS1's fluid was in the form of dilute juice or squash, and she wasn't concerned for a single second. My DS had some bum Ishoos and in those circumstances, she thought it far better that he was drinking SOMETHING. Other paeds' mileage may vary, naturally.

poocatcherchampion Fri 20-Feb-15 16:19:46

I can't speak for the vipers, only the poos and poolets grin

NeedsAsockamnesty Fri 20-Feb-15 16:19:54

I don't use any squash my children are all perfect angles who only drink the morning dew taken from a unicorns horn served in a tulip by a fucking health fairy.

Any squash that I like the label for is the true answer

PilchardPrincess Fri 20-Feb-15 16:20:51

One has milk and one has water.

We also have fruit juice sometimes and for squash I prefer sugar to sweeteners and we have Waitrose Hi-Juice.

If they were drinking squash all day. I'd. Not let them? Dunno. That might not work grin Probably stick to the sugar one as I really don't like chemcial sweeteners and make sure they had an hour between last drink and brushing teeth.

IHaveBrillo I've been told fruit teas can be very acidic and bad for the teeth as well. Not all of them surely I thought but prob worth looking into if anyone is thinking of going down that route!

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