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NAR appreciation and crazy parking lady thread 2

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Nannyplum2015 Thu 19-Feb-15 20:36:55

Just thought I'd start another thread as the other one looks like it will fill up soon! NDN has knocked again at NAR's house with no reply. I think she may be getting the message!

Can someone link the old thread as not sure how to do it.


londonrach Thu 19-Feb-15 20:37:46

(Settles down with chocolate)

frankie001 Thu 19-Feb-15 20:38:22

Can some one also put a definition of all the abbreviations please!

GammonAndEgg Thu 19-Feb-15 20:38:25

Kettle's on!

DraggingDownDownDown Thu 19-Feb-15 20:38:27

APotNoodleandaTommy Thu 19-Feb-15 20:39:16

Place marking!

Nannyplum2015 Thu 19-Feb-15 20:39:59

NAR = neighbour across road

NDN = next door neighbour (parking lady)

FONAR = friend of NAR

chocciechip Thu 19-Feb-15 20:40:02

PinkSnowAndStars Thu 19-Feb-15 20:40:09

Amazeballs!!! Will she go back to your spaces though?

OddBoots Thu 19-Feb-15 20:40:21

I really hope she doesn't move back to your spaces when all this is over.

SweepTheHalls Thu 19-Feb-15 20:40:23

Woo hoo! Found the new location!

Nannyplum2015 Thu 19-Feb-15 20:40:33

Thanks draggingdown

ShipwreckedAndComatose Thu 19-Feb-15 20:40:51

<plumps cushions and puts out nibbles>

southeastastra Thu 19-Feb-15 20:41:34


minibmw2010 Thu 19-Feb-15 20:42:08

Let's hope she is getting the message. Did you speak with NAR?

AllThatGlistens Thu 19-Feb-15 20:42:13

I'm here and I have copious amounts of hobnobs!

<settles in with a brew>

BauerTime Thu 19-Feb-15 20:43:11

Checking in for updates!

Pipbin Thu 19-Feb-15 20:44:10

Can you film the resulting conversation between NDN and NAR?

Fairenuff Thu 19-Feb-15 20:44:47

<partakes of nibbles>

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 19-Feb-15 20:45:19

I'm hoping she'll have seen OP going to NAR's house & twigged that if she tries it on again across OP's spaces the same will probably happen there.

However she might try parking within one of OP's spaces as initially offered so it's probably a good idea to withdraw that offer in writing.

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Thu 19-Feb-15 20:45:28

Yay! shiny new thread <passes round Jaffa cakes>

Oldraver Thu 19-Feb-15 20:45:35

I think we need a picture

nocabbageinmyeye Thu 19-Feb-15 20:45:48

Anyone want to give a summary so far? Please

Muchtoomuchtodo Thu 19-Feb-15 20:46:29

Just settling in.

Can I pass anyone a brew or wine?

Bakeoffcake Thu 19-Feb-15 20:46:32

I've just read your first thread, so I'm glad I've just found you for the start of this one.

I hope your NDN has learnt her lesson. rude cow

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