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To Complain to the pharmacist about this?

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BauerTime Wed 18-Feb-15 12:14:14

DS has prescription formula for CMPA. I always put the prescription in before I open my last tin as it has to be ordered in, but usually arrives the next day no problem. But I just like to make sure I don't run out in case there is a delay.

Anyway, I put the prescription in on Friday, which means normally it would be ready for pick up Saturday afternoon. I've just been in to collect it and they have informed me that they haven't been able to order it in due to a restriction that has been placed on it by thier supplier. They have told me they will ring round other suppliers today and see if they can get some and to call them this pm.

Im really annoyed, I've worked myself right up about it in the walk home. They would have tried to order this on Friday and it's taken until today, and me going to collect, to bring this to my attention. They have done nothing proactive to sort it out. I think that's disgusting. They were so dismissive about it as if, if they couldn't get it id just have to go without. I'm fuming.

It's formula, it's a medical food. AIBU to give them a telling off about this when I go back?

mayfridaycomequickly Wed 18-Feb-15 12:18:52

Tell them off? They're not your children!

Explain calmly that if they have problems getting it in future you'd really appreciate a phone call.

marymouse Wed 18-Feb-15 12:28:40

This happened to me once, they managed to source one from a pharmacy 7miles away and then delivered it to my home address later that day. I know they spent a couple of hours on the phone sourcing it. They then promised they would order extra stock asap and keep it in stock for me at all times. Which they did.
Could you suggest this?

BauerTime Wed 18-Feb-15 12:44:28

We have discussed that before yes and apparently they aren't allowed to pre-order, only when the prescription comes in.

I'm not actually planning to wag my finger and tell them they have been naughty, but I do feel that's it's worth more than a request to let me know sooner in future. This is a massive cock up IMO. If they can't get it then I have no milk to give him in a couple of days. He is currently recovering from a D&V bug and isn't eating and so drinking more milk than normal, so I'm getting through it faster than anticipated. That also means it's not exactly an ideal time to change his milk. Hopefully they will be able to get me at least one tin from somewhere and find out what's going on with the supply so we can plan ahead.

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