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To be worried ds best friend is moving

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Lamourestbleu Tue 17-Feb-15 00:33:53

DS is quiet but generally well liked in school. We moved when he was in 3rd grade (aged 8) and had general friends but no one he really connected with on a best friend level until last year. Before we moved ourselves he had a series of good friends that had either moved themselves or transferred to another school. He has gone through more losses in his 13 years than I have in my life sad.

Now I believe his best friend is moving to another state next year and I'm already nervous about it. Dh keeps saying someone else will 'fill his place' and not to stress about it, but I am. AIBU or do you think dh is right?

NanaNina Tue 17-Feb-15 01:00:19

YES your DH is absolutely right. Your son will pick up on your anxieties and this will make him more anxious. In my experience it's not that common for boys to have "best friends" as they tend to hang around in a group. Girls are more for "besties" but then they chop and change in their friendship groups, more so than boys.

Stop worrying - your son is well liked in school - of course he'll be ok!

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