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To think that my neighbours are disgusting and/or lazy?

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ImBatDog Mon 16-Feb-15 19:31:26

There is a huge pile of vomit on their back lawn, its been there a week, they (mom and daughter, both adults) have made absolutely no attempt to clean it up. You can't miss it, its right by their bins that they've taken out and bought back once.

Chances are, its the daughters, there is too much for it to be an animals...


kilmuir Mon 16-Feb-15 19:32:15

probably both

SurlyCue Mon 16-Feb-15 19:34:18

Ewwww! grim

Royalsighness Mon 16-Feb-15 19:36:04

There are pork ribs on my lawn for the cats to have a gnaw on but they have been there a week and I keep walking past ignoring.

Sick is a bit hazardous to health though really, was she drunk when she did it? Why would anyone be sick in the garden

TeddyDreadful Mon 16-Feb-15 19:38:48

She's an emetophobe or a skank. One of those.

DarylDixonsDarlin Mon 16-Feb-15 19:43:31

Perhaps they are waiting for rain. Fucking disgusting tho. Mind you I'm terrified of cleaning it up indoors, outdoors must be even worse!! And don't even get me started on wildlife, er, visiting it.


CobbOnn Mon 16-Feb-15 19:43:52

Probably waiting for the rain to wash it away. It's hardly going to smell in this weather.

I sound really gross, but surely the rain would get rid of it?

ImBatDog Mon 16-Feb-15 19:53:45

Well its rained today and most of its still there...

ThereMustAndShallBeTea Mon 16-Feb-15 20:13:46

My 3 yo threw up (mainly grapes) on the grass and it never occurred to me to clean it up. Htf do you clean grass?! It's organic, it disappeared within a few days.

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