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To wonder what constitutes an 'Mumsnet storm'? (Royal related)

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Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:18:44


I've just started reading Catherine Mayer's new book about Prince Charles. There is a passage in the prologue about criticism of the the Cambridges' March 2014 trip to the Maldives (leaving baby George at home) which the author calls 'a manufactured tempest in a child's teacup'.

Discussion of Netmums, Mumsnet, Twitter.

Then the following;

"Had there been outrage on Mumsnet? Not according to Katie O'Donovan, Mumsnet's head of communications, who emails that there were 'just over 300 responses, which isn't really a "storm" by Mumsnet's standards. Not at all unanimous criticism of the couple.....'."

So how many comments makes a storm? I'm curious now.

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:20:38

And does frothiness matter? <watches SAHM thread and muses>

EatShitDerek Mon 16-Feb-15 16:21:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LurkingHusband Mon 16-Feb-15 16:23:23

PAC parking

RedCrayons Mon 16-Feb-15 16:23:39

It's not a storm unless the thread gets pulled, there's more than one Thread about a thread, a few people get banned, someone flounces.

MuttersDarkly Mon 16-Feb-15 16:24:48

We've had several (full) threads over any given controversy on here. New threads being opened as the old ones fill up fast.

So I am going with 4000ish posts minimum, a piece in the guardian about the hoohar that LEGITIMATLY references MN and preferably the banning of at least one protagonist before the storm label can be applied.

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:24:53

That's what I thought Del- froth - not post count grin

The other interesting nugget is;

*"Netmums posted an item inviting comment on the royal jolly only at the request of the Daily Mail."

The great big tabloid handmaidens. That's deliberate froth solicitation <tuts>

ghostyslovesheep Mon 16-Feb-15 16:25:10

Redcrayons wins - <draws line>

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:26:17

Red and Mutters have very high thresholds smile

AwfulBeryl Mon 16-Feb-15 16:30:30

Yep, what red said. Extra points if it gets a mention in the DM.

EatShitDerek Mon 16-Feb-15 16:33:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:34:23

Start that thread Derek wink

We need a practical demo.

kim147 Mon 16-Feb-15 16:38:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Smallcogbigwheel Mon 16-Feb-15 16:41:12

If its just a general storm what about this one here?

AwfulBeryl Mon 16-Feb-15 16:42:50

Aibu to pierce my bubbaz earz ? She is 1 and luvs mine so I no she wud like em dun. I have seen a lovely pair of earrings that wud go wit Her headband.
I will take her to Macky Dz after innit.

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:43:04

I think they mean this one kim;

....but I remember it being discussed across threads and I think I remember you getting grief for it. Or was that some other royal matter ? grin

AwfulBeryl Mon 16-Feb-15 16:43:57

She is 5 weeks btw

Behindthepaintedgarden Mon 16-Feb-15 16:44:41

I have seen storms on here on threads that started out perfectly innocently and on some totally innocuous topic. It is amazing they way some threads evolve.

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:44:42

That one went viral Small smile

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:46:00

<slightly scared of Beryl, so keeping quiet about headbands on babies>

EatShitDerek Mon 16-Feb-15 16:46:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WereJamming Mon 16-Feb-15 16:46:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arsenic Mon 16-Feb-15 16:47:35

I reckon Kate IS MN royalty by now.

Behindthepaintedgarden Mon 16-Feb-15 16:48:25

SUV threads can turn quite scary sometimes.

And I agree, threads about Mumsnet Royalty beat the Windsors anyday.

kim147 Mon 16-Feb-15 16:48:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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