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To be p*ssed off with BT and Sky broadband - or is it really BT Openreach?!

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SnowBells Mon 16-Feb-15 15:16:58

We wanted to cancel Sky because the customer service was crap. The engineer missed their appointment once.

Tried getting BT Infinity instead. Today, the engineer (step 1 of their installation process) missed the appointment for the THIRD f***ing time. The first time round, the request for an appointment apparently got "stuck in the system", whereby I was told of it, but the work was not allocated to anyone.

Both times (Sky and BT) , it was actually BT Openreach that KEPT ON MISSING APPOINTMENTS.

Isn't it time for Openreach to have some much-needed competition? They seem to have monopoly!!!

So I called BT to talk to their order management department, and I have been in a queue for OVER AN HOUR.

Gudgyx Mon 16-Feb-15 15:33:22

Its Openreach. Not even the engineers, those guys are all pretty decent and HATE the way stuff like this always happens, and they get the blame mostly being customer facing.

Its the call centres before them that f*ck everything up.

Seriously, I'd step far away from getting anything from them direct. You're better going with Sky or Virgin. In fact, you're very lucky to even get Infinity (fibre broadband) from them, for being the biggest telecoms company out there, they are struggling big time with getting fibre rolled out. When Virgin have had it for so long? I dont get it :/

Insider info, FYI.

SnowBells Mon 16-Feb-15 16:03:29

Yeah - I cancelled my BT Infinity order, and am just sticking to Sky for now.

I don't get it. What is THEIR problem?!?

confusedaboutparenting Mon 16-Feb-15 17:41:44

The issue is EVERY phone company other than Virgin uses the BT network so it will always be openreach, no other company has the money to lay a complete new phone network which is why you are stuck with the wait or pay loads more to virgin

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