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To need help with understanding Canadian stores

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shovetheholly Mon 16-Feb-15 09:15:24

Aargh, I need help.

I want to send a naice food hamper-type thing to a couple of friends in Montreal who are really struggling financially and emotionally. Their marriage and health are basically taking the toll of two difficult full-time jobs and a two year old.

Do you think I can find any info online about who sells posh treat food or does delivery? It seems like Canadian stores just don't have a web presence? sad I'm looking for something that would be the equivalent of John Lewis/Bettys. I want to buy locally because delivery to Canada from UK seems to be astronomical.


KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Mon 16-Feb-15 09:21:15

Try using and search for groceries and gourmet foods. It's all in Canadian dollars and delivered there so you save astronomical costs of sending from here.

link is here

You can pretty much get everything.

DoJo Mon 16-Feb-15 09:22:50

Have you tried
These places seem to do the kind of thing you're after...

shovetheholly Mon 16-Feb-15 09:40:46

Thank you so much! Is there a Canadian equivalent of Fortnum and Masons or Waitrose? I want to send something naice and posh to spoil them, but I have no idea where to get it!

ChristmasMarketCrazy Mon 16-Feb-15 09:51:53

Hello smile I am originally from Montreal.
Lufa Farms are based in Montreal and deliver organic and local products.

bringmejoy2015 Mon 16-Feb-15 10:02:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 16-Feb-15 10:03:31

Ogilvy is the poshest store there I think. Iirc they have a bagpiper in at the end of every day. I don't know if they do food though.

What part of town is your friend in?

ChristmasMarketCrazy Mon 16-Feb-15 10:16:15

there used to be an m&s in Toronto which may ship throughout the country. I dont know if it is still there.

bringmejoy2015 Mon 16-Feb-15 10:17:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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