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To think it's time everyone laid off Benedict and Sophie?

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Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 02:29:40

The bitchery is awful.

Nobody knows what transpired in that (or any) relationship.

They are married now. Give it a rest.

TheCowThatLaughs Sun 15-Feb-15 02:40:14

Who are they?

squoosh Sun 15-Feb-15 02:43:46

Who are they? Are they a Euro royals?

squoosh Sun 15-Feb-15 02:44:24

Wait, is it Benny Cumber whatsit?

TheCowThatLaughs Sun 15-Feb-15 02:46:54

Oh yes I know him! But didn't know he'd got married and don't know sophie

MistressMerryWeather Sun 15-Feb-15 02:51:18

Hullo there Arsenic!

What bitchery? I know not of all this.

I do wish them well though, as long as Sophie didn't have to say 'I have fulfilled your terms. Now fulfill mine'

squoosh Sun 15-Feb-15 02:51:30

Who is giving them grief??

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 02:53:29

Cumberbatch and Hunter.

I'm clearly reading too much crap. Foster kittens won't let me sleep - I have to read something.

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 02:55:14

All the 'shotgun wedding', 'hatchet faced cow' stuff. Even on their wedding day. I hope they sue.

<waves at Mistress>

MistressMerryWeather Sun 15-Feb-15 02:56:00


Pictures or go away.

(please don't)

needaholidaynow Sun 15-Feb-15 02:56:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 02:56:05

Arf @ 'Benny Cumber whatsit'

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 02:57:11

There'll be a few days' wait for photos. Sorry sad

MistressMerryWeather Sun 15-Feb-15 02:58:01

Anyone who calls a women a hatchet faced cow clearly has some bovine weaponry problems of their own.

squoosh Sun 15-Feb-15 03:00:45

I've seen red carpet pictures of them and that woman knows how to wear a frock. Facially they could be twins, as is the case with a lot of couples.

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 03:02:01

Facially they could be twins, as is the case with a lot of couples.

Yes indeed.

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 03:03:30

Anyone who calls a women a hatchet faced cow clearly has some bovine weaponry problems of their own

That;s going in my 'homilies to embroider file' grin

You think they'd all at least take a day off for the wedding, wouldn't you?

MistressMerryWeather Sun 15-Feb-15 03:10:13

If you put it on a pillow I will buy it.

I think Mrs Cumberbatch ish lovely looking.

Arsenic Sun 15-Feb-15 03:21:17


squoosh Sun 15-Feb-15 03:26:58

He does have a lot of fervent and crazy fans. Not sure they'll relinquish their Cumby dreams so easily.

Guitargirl Sun 15-Feb-15 03:34:28


I have had trouble sleeping the last few nights and in looking for something to stop me worrying about work am blush to admit that I have been drawn into reading some of the crap online about the BAFTAs. Wow. The stuff that people have been analysing over and over again. Her alleged dirty looks, lip reading, allegations that she has made up her pregnancy, speculation over how little money she has, how she has 'trapped' him. It's flipping endless. If I were Sophie Hunter and had read any of this shit, I would want to lock myself away and cry. Or emigrate. Some of his fans seem totally unhinged. I know celebs must have to put up with this all the time, people thinking that they 'know' them or have a right to totally butcher their private lives but some of the stuff is beyond bonkers.

Good luck to them. And baby CB.

Scranchem Sun 15-Feb-15 03:54:02

It's like when Aaron Johnson took up with Sam Taylor Wood. His fans seem to think she keeps him chained up in a basement against his will.

Stormingateacup Sun 15-Feb-15 07:37:48

I haven't read any of this! How dreadful.

The80sweregreat Sun 15-Feb-15 12:12:33

He is odd looking ( sorry fans ) good actor but not my type at all. Must be hard being famous and getting grief all the time. Not that i would know...

Ems1812 Sun 15-Feb-15 12:18:04

She is bloody lucky though...

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