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to think there are no discos anymore in Solihull / Birmingham

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MarigoldSimpson Sat 14-Feb-15 20:37:31

Used to love having a dance - used to go to the Tower Ballroom, Barbarellas etc.

Now I'm much, much older I'd still like to go somewhere for a bop. Don't want to do ceroc or whatever, Just want to go to a disco, but not one with young lasses who look as though they need to put a cardi on before they catch their death.

AIBU to think there is nowhere for me to go?

smokepole Sat 14-Feb-15 21:02:42

Not if you are over 19 !. "The Labour Party" started the destruction of the Night Club Industry with their 24 Hour Drinking Culture, allowing every pub in a town to open without understanding the consequences . They thought municipal towns ,county towns would buy in to the cafe society of Europe

The consequences as well as turning towns in to no go areas was to destroy the "club Industry" No where to go for a late night drink or dance over 19

Blame the Labour Party.....

Sparklingbrook Sat 14-Feb-15 21:09:37

sad I spent the 80s clubbing in Millionaires/Edwards No 8/Snobs in Birmingham and at the Snooty Fox/Scandals in Solihull. It was brilliant.

PrincessOfChina Sat 14-Feb-15 21:12:11


FelixFelix Sat 14-Feb-15 21:14:13

You need to hop on the train to Manchester and go to Homoelectric. You'd love it.

Preciousbane Sat 14-Feb-15 21:27:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Sat 14-Feb-15 21:27:54

Bobby Browns. Brilliant memories of there......

Brummiegirl15 Sat 14-Feb-15 21:59:39

Bel Air at the Belfry is supposed to be quite a laugh and is frequented by the Sutton Coldfield lot

SoleSource Sat 14-Feb-15 23:34:13

I was next door at Bizzy Lizzy's.

SoleSource Sat 14-Feb-15 23:35:27

Grab a granny is the reputation there Brummiegirl

AWholeLottaNosy Sat 14-Feb-15 23:38:15

Ooh we should organise a Birmingham boogie night out! Anyone up for it..? smile

CuttedUpPear Sat 14-Feb-15 23:38:24

Sparkling so did I!

Only1scoop Sat 14-Feb-15 23:38:32

Sole grin

Bizzy Lizzys with a Mr Egg on way home!!

Ooo I miss them days

RandomNPC Sat 14-Feb-15 23:43:39

hmm at smokepole's bizarre theory.
Broad Street is full of clubs, and doesn't the Tower Ballroom do grab a granny night still? What about the ones at the top of Hurst Street?

Roomsdoom Sat 14-Feb-15 23:43:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomNPC Sat 14-Feb-15 23:44:40

Mr Egg was closed down for health reasons. It's reopened as a big standard chippy now I think.

SoleSource Sat 14-Feb-15 23:45:14

Mr Egg on Hurst Street as the best! Didn't the owner owe money to the Chinese Mafia?

RandomNPC Sat 14-Feb-15 23:47:09

mind you, what do I know. As far as I'm aware, the Powerhouse is still going.

Sparklingbrook Sun 15-Feb-15 00:01:09

I miss those days.....

CuttedUpPear Sun 15-Feb-15 00:05:26

Alternative nightclubs in 60's Brum

suze28 Sun 15-Feb-15 00:07:00

Upstairs at Bobby Browns and a Monday night (I think it was Monay) at Belair at The Belfry in the very early 90s. Takes me right back.
Anyone local to Bgrove ever go to the Engine House nr Tardebigge on a Fri or Sat night?

smokepole Sun 15-Feb-15 00:08:36

I am not talking about "Birmingham" specifically but in general around the country . Night Clubs and Pubs was my (family) Background from being 16-37. I don't know Birmingham Specifically. What I can tell you though is that they are few (if any) traditional Night Clubs left, where you 'dress' up look smart have a meal , dance and leave at 2 or 3 AM after having a great and safe evening. They are a few 'bars' offering that type of thing but that's not the same as a "smart" over 21s discotheque with 800 well dressed people up for a great night.` Those type of clubs are gone for ever , maybe not in central London but everywhere else.

Before 1997 and the liberation of the licensing of Alcohol , pubs closed at 11pm . The drunks on the "whole" went home no "Sensible" Night Club would let in a seriously drunk person (they did not need to). The reason being people were prepared to pay for admittance to the club (to drink to 2 or 3 Am).

After the liberation of the licensing act when Labour came to power pubs opened everywhere opening to 2 Am themselves, effectively killing Night Clubs (because nobody needed to pay for admission to drink late any more.)

CuttedUpPear Sun 15-Feb-15 00:10:26

For Sparkling

(The extortionate cost!)

Sparklingbrook Sun 15-Feb-15 00:11:13

Went once suze I think it's flats now. sad

looking at Cutted's link, I remember the Rum Runner but it had shut by the time I was out and about in Brum, but it mentions. Romeo & Juliets, which went on to be Pagoda Park then Steptoes. I wen to Steptoes a lot.

Sparklingbrook Sun 15-Feb-15 00:12:08

Brilliant Cutted. Looks like Steve Strange on the ticket. sad

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