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Mat Leave Replacement!

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stqueen Fri 13-Feb-15 17:08:00

AIBU to think my line manager is being unreasonable to say he does not want me involved in the interview process for my interim replacement whilst on mat leave? This person will actually be a permanent addition to the team (so covering my mat leave plus staying on after) as we are increasing our headcount. He feels it would be a 'conflict of interest' if I'm involved given that it is my role they're interviewing for. Not sure I agree?? So he is having my colleague support the process instead (to be fair she is the one that will be working with this person for the initial 12-months whilst I'm off!). I love my job, feel nervous about taking 12-months out (which is actually going to be more like 14-months with AL on top) and I'm feeling nervous about someone else stepping into my shoes (my role is very relationship driven/based).


Nomama Fri 13-Feb-15 17:11:11

No, it is usual practice in many places. I am not involved in the recruitment of my replacement.

As for your feeling threatened (OK, nervous), your boss is right, you do not need to be involved. You are overthinking this.

And yes, YABU!

PrimalLass Fri 13-Feb-15 17:13:37

We were never involved in recruiting for a post at our own level. Could it be that?

HoggleHoggle Fri 13-Feb-15 17:16:21

I wasn't involved with interviewing my replacement and preferred it that way. That being said, I totally trust my boss's judgement so knew they'd get someone right for the role and company. They were wonderful.

manchestermummy Fri 13-Feb-15 17:19:54

I wasn't involved, as seemed completely reasonable. However, the unsuccessful (internal) candidate seemed to think I was, and was really rather unpleasant.

I naturally trained my cover, so was very involved in the overall process.

duckbilled Fri 13-Feb-15 17:26:23

I also wasn't allowed to be part of the interview process for my maternity cover either. I was really angry at the time so while i think you are being a little unreasonable... I understand blush

CupidStuntSurvivor Fri 13-Feb-15 17:33:06

YABU I'm afraid. It's not normal practice in most jobs to interview people at your own level, especially for your own job. It does happen when managers feel they need someone with more knowledge of the role being interviewed for in the room, but if they don't feel that need, it's their call.

stqueen Fri 13-Feb-15 20:18:41

Thanks all for your responses. . .I did have a slight feeling IWBU! My manager spoke to me again about it at the end of the day, he's happy for me to have an informal chat/coffee with the 1-2 on the shortlist so at least I get to meet them. I think I need to start focusing on my upcoming mat leave rather than worrying about my job whilst I'm gone! I'm just nervous to what I'll be going back to (human nature I suppose) x

Nomama Sat 14-Feb-15 09:08:35

smile Yup!

That and sheer nosiness makes it hard to to be kept out of it!

Littlecaf Sat 14-Feb-15 09:15:37

YANBU to feel that way, but ABU to expect them to involve you.

My boss initially wanted me to interview my replacement, then found someone internal who didn't need interviewing and didn't discuss it with me. Unfortunately the person whom he chose is a complete numpty/big mouth/show off/bellend and I fully expect to return to a pile of steaming rubbish in 12 months time. At least I don't have to work with him!

Best of luck OP! Try to focus on mat leave instead. I found that helped with my seething hormonal rage over it!

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