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My give my DP this card tomorrow

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Letmeeatcakecakecake Fri 13-Feb-15 14:21:08

I saw this card on etsy and had to have it!

I felt so clever and funny ordering it.

Now wondering if it may be a bad idea to give it to DP tomorrow??

Summerisle1 Fri 13-Feb-15 14:22:37

I don't think it is clever or funny but then you know your DP. He might think it is hilarious.

PatriciaHolm Fri 13-Feb-15 14:23:06


Skeppers Fri 13-Feb-15 14:23:14

That's brill!

I've got one for my husband which says 'You're my favourite hobo' (not as good as yours) because he is currently sporting some mighty fine man-beardage.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Fri 13-Feb-15 14:24:01

That is grim.

WilsonWilsonWoman Fri 13-Feb-15 14:24:15

Hahaha thinking of MIL sucking cock. Ah the lulz! grin

Skeppers Fri 13-Feb-15 14:24:37

...btw the posters above have a point, you know your DP better than anyone else. I know that mine would find that HILARIOUS because he's just as juvenile as I am.

OhNoNotMyBaby Fri 13-Feb-15 14:25:43

I don't get it. Clearly I'm stupid - something to do with blowjobs....
Yuk. But if that's your idea of romance.....

Teeb Fri 13-Feb-15 14:25:46

Happy valentines DP, let's all think about your mother sucking cock!

Letmeeatcakecakecake Fri 13-Feb-15 14:26:31

I do find it hilerious... But I can just imagine receiving some lovey dovey card tomorrow and then giving him that! MIL is coming for a cup of tea Monday so hopefully he doesn't display it on the windowsil wink

InfinitySeven Fri 13-Feb-15 14:26:36

It's funny, but I wouldn't actually give it to DP. I'd point it out to him and laugh at it with him, but giving it to him would cause him to think about his parents having sex, and that doesn't feel like much of a present!

Also, I don't need those visuals.

Justmuddlingalong Fri 13-Feb-15 14:26:41

'I'm glad MIL didn't give FIL a blowjob on the day you were conceived' over steps the mark slightly.

KingJoffreyObviouslyWatchesHol Fri 13-Feb-15 14:27:18


Blow jobs are lovely but most men don't want a mental image if their mum doing it.

PrimalLass Fri 13-Feb-15 14:31:23

Horrible, sorry.

CatsCantTwerk Fri 13-Feb-15 14:34:12

My dp would find it hilarious but then again so would his mum! grin

IWannaHoldYourHand Fri 13-Feb-15 14:36:04

Err, I wouldn't. But each to their own.

I got dp a birthday card that says 'I love you like Kanye loves Kanye' He loved it.

OodlesofBoodles Fri 13-Feb-15 14:40:02

Love it.

ScrambledSmegs Fri 13-Feb-15 14:44:20


The mental image of my mil... Oh god, NO

Can you not get another more normal one for public display? Or make one. I made one for DH this year. It's not soppy. Honest.

Nancy66 Fri 13-Feb-15 14:45:02

depends. does your other half particularly want the image of his mum sucking cock in his head on Valentine's day?

RandomFriend Fri 13-Feb-15 14:45:32

Sorry, I don't get it.

Oh wait, I get it now. Horrible.

Sorry, OP, I am sure that you can find a nicer card than that.

PercyGherkin Fri 13-Feb-15 14:45:40

Yuk. But if he'll like it that's all that matters.

I just hope you don't have it on display when MIL comes round...

APotNoodleandaTommy Fri 13-Feb-15 14:46:05

I love it!

LordJabuJabu Fri 13-Feb-15 14:46:13

I would give dh this card with a 'now you're thinking of your mum & dad shagging, dirty perv' message inside.

WillBeatFebruaryBlues Fri 13-Feb-15 14:47:03

Hahaha thinking of MIL sucking cock. Ah the lulz! grin grin

does your other half particularly want the image of his mum sucking cock in his head on Valentine's day? grin or indeed image of dads cock being sucked.....

Letmeeatcakecakecake Fri 13-Feb-15 14:50:40

Very mixed views then!

Haha I love Lord's suggestion for the note inside! He may be so traumatised by the mental images it brings that he may not actually want any sex tomorrow (result!) not that he's getting anyway seeing as I'm all heavily pregnant and could give Chewbacca a run for his money! grin

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