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"accessibility" on websites ...

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LurkingHusband Mon 09-Feb-15 15:09:51

Nosing around various websites for pubs/restaurants, and have noticed that accessibility links simply refer to the "accessibility" of the website. Which, along with the nickname of the webdesigners youngest brother at school, and Nick Cleggs favourite record may be of interest to someone, but not me.

Rather perversely, my interest in "accessibility" - in particular on a website enticing people to visit - is rather more prosaic. Level/ramp access. Accessible toilets. Braille menus. That kind of thing.

IcaMorgan Mon 09-Feb-15 15:21:01

I have found exactly the same problem then when you ring the place to ask they can't tell you as they don't understand wheelchairs need different access/bigger toilets/lifts etc

DoJo Mon 09-Feb-15 16:28:35

I was hired to write about millions of venues all round the country and the number of times I was caught out by the 'accessibility' section and ended up wasting time failing to find out whether they had a lift. It was one of those things that made me wish someone (me of course!) was in charge of what can and should be included on websites under what headings! I found that websites which are compiled and contributed to by those who need accessible facilities were MUCH more helpful that the websites run by the businesses themselves...

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 09-Feb-15 16:50:05

Can I just say that website accessibility is a very important issue? It might not be of interest to you, but for some people it is the difference between being able to use the internet and not. And nowadays, not being to use the internet is a massive disadvantage. Please don't dismiss it as some piece of trivia.

Saying that, I do see your point. Obviously, accessibility is just as important in the 3D world too.

Tyzer85 Mon 09-Feb-15 16:54:38

Website accessibility and actual accessibility are both important but please don't dismiss the website accessibility just because it doesn't affect you.

LurkingHusband Mon 09-Feb-15 16:54:51


Having grumbled about website accessibility since 1996, you are preaching to the converted sad. But the fact flash still exists suggests the battle continues.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 09-Feb-15 16:57:34

There's an interesting piece about it here:

LurkingHusband Mon 09-Feb-15 16:57:44


Did I say it didn't affect me? MrsLH is registered blind, so I know exactly what accessibility issues on websites are. However, while it's very nice navigating a restaurants website, it's not quite the same experience as going to eat there.

AryaUnderfoot Mon 09-Feb-15 17:00:33

I'm partially sighted and web accessibility is very important to me. In particular, I need to be able to magnify the screen and (if using sites on a mobile) activate screen readers. It is really frustrating when you can't actually use a website, and some of the 'fancier' ones can be the most frustrating of all.

If I'm looking to do something that's quite time consuming and complicated on a website - such as book a holiday - I'll often check the website's accessibility statement before starting (and then finding I can't use it).

Those stupid squigly letters that you have to type into a box are particularly irritating.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 09-Feb-15 17:02:25

Indeed! It's something I've been battling against too, sadly, it doesn't seem to be a popular cause sad And anyone building a site in Flash should flogged with wet celery.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 09-Feb-15 17:18:01

Arya comment CAPTCHAs are often badly used. I believe there are versions that have an audio option, but many sites use the standard version as you've found. Annoyingly, they aren't even particularly good at what they are supposed to do, there are much better ways to prevent spammy comments.

Love your user name BTW smile

AryaUnderfoot Mon 09-Feb-15 17:42:56

Thanks Saskia!

Ironically, I also want to know about restaurant accessibility when looking at restaurants. In particular, I like to know if they do large print menus which saves me having to take a bulky illuminated magnifier out with me in my teeny tiny handbag.

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