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to ask about micralite pushchair

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ghostspirit Sat 07-Feb-15 15:03:49

are they suitable from birth. good for buses. in general what are they like? the handles look bit odd to me? is there anything simlar on sale? are the back wheels narrow. ? anything else that might be good to know

TrojanWhore Sat 07-Feb-15 15:06:28

YABU for posting here, and not in the active, well-used Pushchair topic

(I get why people use the main boards if the subject topic is a bit tumbleweed, but really don't when it's a well used one.)

ghostspirit Sat 07-Feb-15 15:10:39

deoes the pushchair topics actually get used? i posted here because other boards dont seem to get much of a look in

Sleepyhoglet Sat 07-Feb-15 15:47:58

I think they have air filled wheels which is in theory great for off road but if you are going that off road use a sling! I just bought a bugaboo bee second hand to compliment my vista an I'm living it. Perfect for short trips and buses I hope

TrojanWhore Sat 07-Feb-15 16:01:47

it seems you didn't try even the most cursory glance at the topic.

Here are some threads that might help you:

ifgrandmahadawilly Sat 07-Feb-15 16:14:44

hmmm, it annoys me when people automatically assume that everyone can use a sling. What about those with disabilities and / or massive babies (I had both)?

ghostspirit Sat 07-Feb-15 17:31:28

i cant use a sling my babys are born around 9 pounds. i just dont get on with them...

ghostspirit Sat 07-Feb-15 19:51:57

well i made a post in the proper place.. and not one reply so maybe i did do the right thing by posting here. more people seem to see it :/

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