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to think organic moisturisers are a total rip off and I can knit my own

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dhdjdbrjrkbr Sat 07-Feb-15 09:10:46

So I'm buying some moisturiser and looking at the ingredients, most are mainly water, shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe, olive oil, bees wax. All of these are cheap enough to buy in bulk and would literialy make 100s more for the same price.

Aibu to not buy another 15 quid cream but spend 45 on raw ingredients. Dh thinks I'm being silly...

Dowser Sat 07-Feb-15 09:29:50

I make my own. I don't use organic ingredients either.

I can't say it's any cheaper as I always have a large stock of essential oils, carrier oils just because I do enjoy using them.

I just experiement till I get a consistency I like.

My daughter bought me some lavera cream. If you look into it this German guy was struggling with his eczema so experimented with a cream. I found it a bit drying so I put it in a bigger jar, added coconut oil and a bit of this and that and it seems to do the job.

I do like neals yard ( based in gillingham dorset )as well. They often have an offer on this time of year where you can sign up to be a consultant ( even if you later decide that you haven't the time to do it) and its about £60 for over £200 of lovely products.

Amphora aromatics based in Bristol are very good. Sign up with them and spend £50 and you can buy your supplies wholesale. You don't just have to buy the oils. They also sell the bases( shampoo, bubble bath etc). The college I went to used them. Their organic range is expanding too.

I just don't like using lots of chemicals on my body.

Deoderant is either coconut oil or magnesium oil. I haven't made an effective shampoo yet so I buy faith in nature.

I make my own liquid handwash with soap flakes, bit of cocnut oil and essential oil to fragrance it. Makes loads. You don't get the lather that you do with shop bought.

I just like to play around and experiment. I like the Katie wellness mama site.

fredfredgeorgejnr Sat 07-Feb-15 09:33:17

Getting a stable nice emulsion is the tricky part, so you'll get something that works well (straight aloe would likely do that anyway) but it'll not be a nice experience applying until you've experimented a fair bit making the mix.

Dowser Sat 07-Feb-15 09:34:33

Unless you are thinking of selling or gifting to friends I wouldn't buy in bulk. Vegetable oils do go off after a while.

I stick mainly to coconut as we use that for cooking, a bit of wheat germ , a bit of Shea butter, jojoba and the lavera cream above as I need to use it up.

After face cleansing when skin is still a bit moist I slather it on . What doesn't get absorbed ( I'm quite old) gets tissues off before the make up goes on.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 07-Feb-15 09:36:20

If you've got the time and inclination then do it.

Suzannewithaplan Sat 07-Feb-15 09:40:09

I m‎ake my own moisturizers with beeswax and olive oil mostly

DeliciousMonster Sat 07-Feb-15 09:41:52

I use coconut oil and pick marigold and herbs, infuse it over a warm hob and strain into little jars. Small amounts at a time. It's bloody lovely.

dhdjdbrjrkbr Sat 07-Feb-15 10:23:40

Wow thanks for all the info. I've gone for it 50 quid on almond oil, aloe vera and Shea butter. They all have a long shelf life, so even if they don't make it into a moisturiser they can be used for many things.

What essential oils do you use? I really don't have a clue. I'm allergic and hate spray deoderants and air fresheners so this has put me off them, but I think actual oils I will be fine with.

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