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Over ebay item?

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LionessQueen Sat 07-Feb-15 06:28:53

Bought an item described as 'brand new without tags' however there's crumbs in all the sections from use as well as scuffing on studs on bottom.

Wouldn't have been too bothered but postage cost was £7 for 2nd class signed for, which when it actually arrived was just sent second class standard, and cost the seller a whole £2.80 hmm I appreciate that there is other costs to be taken into account here however, but not that much.

Messaged seller asking for refund on postage and explaining disappointment with bag. Seller states 'you got the bag safely and well packaged, what more do you want?' So no refund. And saying that bag only bought a few months ago and not used. I'm not silly.

Will be sending pics to seller of crumbs etc in bag. If seller was to refund some the postage I can live with crumbs, even though I wouldn't have paid so much knowing the bag was used.


RandomNPC Sat 07-Feb-15 06:32:16

If ask for a full refund to be honest. She's taking the piss really.

WhereIsMyFuckingUnicorn Sat 07-Feb-15 06:40:09

I'd raise a not as described claim as the item is clearly used. Request a partial refund but bear in mind the seller may ask you to return for a refund but it'll be at their cost.

Sellers like this piss me off as they're the reason that people don't trust EBay and us honest decent sellers are made to jump through ever more hoops.

wheresthelight Sat 07-Feb-15 07:14:00

definitely log a claim with ebay!

I had an issue over Xmas where I bought a bumper bar for my pushchair and it never arrived but seller refused to refund because she had posted it. ebay sorted it quickly and I got my money back

AgathaF Sat 07-Feb-15 07:42:34

Raise a claim with ebay. No point keeping on at this seller as they are obviously not taking it seriously.

Aeroflotgirl Sat 07-Feb-15 09:52:36

I would open a dispute through e bay, within the dispute, it allows you to upload pictures to support your claim. If seller is still digging heels, I would stop mediation and escalate it.

Silvercatowner Sat 07-Feb-15 09:56:48

Ebay will support your claim - they probably will do that by default - they won't even investigate.

LionessQueen Sat 07-Feb-15 10:00:30

Have just replied with photos to show seller, and have said I am going to open a dispute with ebay. Thanks for all your advice!

ButterflySandwich Sat 07-Feb-15 10:08:48

I phoned eBay with a similar concern and the seller wouldn't refund postage, saying it was to cover costs. eBay said it was against their policy to purposely overcharge and gave me a £5 voucher to cover the costs and were going to blacklist the seller.

OnceUponATimeAgain Sat 07-Feb-15 10:17:11

I bought some trainers, which were worn once.... yeah for 6 months constantly, ground in dirt and smelt a bit odd....

asked for half money back, no reply - sent ebay photo of boots, and got a full refund and didnt need to return them (aired them outside for a few months and they are fine for slobbing around in)

windchime Sat 07-Feb-15 10:27:54

Second hand shoes confused

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