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to be confused....

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bigfam Sat 07-Feb-15 04:52:17

Didn't know where else to post! Used asda online for food shopping, placed order all was fine but this morning on my orders it says order unauthorised?! Meaning what exactly.... Does this mean my bloody shopping won't be here again later angry
I hate that when they want ur money they snatch it up, but if they cocktail up and they owe u a refund it conveniently takes DAYS to return it. Anyone else had an 'unauthorised asda order'?

bigfam Sat 07-Feb-15 04:53:30

*cock it all lol

MagratsHair Sat 07-Feb-15 06:46:00

Phone them.

The only other thing that comes to mind is that you have ordered something that you need to be over 18 to buy and it will be unauthorised until you take delivery....?

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Sat 07-Feb-15 06:49:49

Asda online are the worst. That's all I have to so.

SoupDragon Sat 07-Feb-15 07:13:38

Maybe payment was refused by your card?

bigfam Sat 07-Feb-15 07:58:11

Well they sent through an email with a delivery window time so will wait and see....

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 07-Feb-15 08:04:34

I'm sorry if Asda is your only option. In my opinion Asda are the absolute pits. At everything.

JudgeJudyKicksAss Sat 07-Feb-15 08:05:01

Phone them as regardless of your delivery time email you still won't get your delivery and you need to rearrange another payment/timeslot. I know this as when I put my DH in charge of food shopping for a month or so this happened a few times to us because he had set up payment on an old account that we never use.

mytartanscarf Sat 07-Feb-15 08:06:22

I think it just means it hasn't hwt been authorised not that it's been declined.

mytartanscarf Sat 07-Feb-15 08:06:30


GokTwo Sat 07-Feb-15 08:07:53

I once had this when I'd forgotten to update my registered bank card. They called me though and I just gave them the correct card no.

JudgeJudyKicksAss Sat 07-Feb-15 08:08:19

Sorry, submitted too early...

...and old account that we never use and payment had failed.

Also, I agree with PP, despite previously working for them for years and years on shop floor and head office, ASDA aren't very good (anymore).

bigfam Sun 08-Feb-15 02:17:34

My order didn't arrive, they decided to charge me twice so now there's no shopping and no money. And that's the end of me using asda...

maras2 Sun 08-Feb-15 04:30:56


EhricLovesTheBhrothers Sun 08-Feb-15 07:50:09

They do this all the time and they know about it, yet they don't sort it out. You won't get your money back for another week either. It's outrageous

bigfam Mon 09-Feb-15 00:23:12

I was VERY close to going to the store, filling my effing trolley and strolling outta there, I don't expect the money will be back I'm my account til Friday. Honestly if I'm offered a free delivery pass as a gesture of good will I'll tell them where to shove it-and how far!!!! angry

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