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to consider reporting this to my boss.

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vintagecrap Fri 06-Feb-15 06:02:50

Bit of an issue with a guy in my team at work. Basically during the summer he started bullying me, starting rumours, turning others against me. It went on for months and was eventually sorted out in November where there was a big meeting with the whole team and everyone was told it all had to stop.

I didn't want to raise a greviance at that point.

However, yesterday he shouted at me in front of others. I has been asked to stop my usual job and help as there was a big task. I was physically trying to lift something along with another girl. He was getting cross about a few things and shouted at everyone once. I was struggling ( same as this other girl) and he barged me out of the way , shouting ' for fucks sake vintage, you might as well not bother '
I put down what I was trying to do and just walked off apologising for not being a man.or taller or having much strength.

He eventually caught me at my desk a few mins later when I said I didn't want to talk to him buy he needed to treat people with respect.

We were hauled into an office where he did apologise for lashing out and then ge came up with a list of reasons he was stressed which were nothing to do with me. The manager then concentrated on how he could fix his issues and pretty much ignored me.

I'm torn between just leaving it or making it known if it happens again I will do something.

redcaryellowcar Fri 06-Feb-15 06:28:01

I'd raise it, even if just to feel like you've been heard. Is this colleague equivalent level to you or senior? You could always raise semi informally (speak to whoever was in the meeting room yesterday) and see what they think best to do. I had a nasty situation at work a few years back where one chap was being unpleasant to a member of my team, the people involved were managed by different people, so it was complicated, but I'm pleased the situation was formalised.

wowfudge Fri 06-Feb-15 06:30:14

Do you enjoy the job? Would it be difficult to get another job?

I know what happened yesterday was unpleasant, but it does sound as though you may be sensitive where this person is concerned. He did apologise.

I don't think you have to make it known you will do something if it happens again. If it does happen, just do it! If you are unhappy at work, start looking for another job. You can always tell them in your exit interview that this person's behaviour has contributed to you leaving.

Jelliebabe2 Fri 06-Feb-15 06:34:13

I think you should raise it with your boss. They needn't do anything bit they can then keep an ongoing eye on the situation and this could benefit to you. I see no harm in having a chat especially if you get on week with your manager.

vintagecrap Fri 06-Feb-15 06:46:06

I do enjoy my job and the hours suit me very well. I'm also doing very well at work and have no issues other than this so don't want to leave.

I'm not sure if I could be classes as being sensitive as I'm sure if anyone was spoken to like that they would not be happy. It's not usual for people to talk to each other like that and even worse it was in full hearing range of the general public so also highly unprofessional as well.

simontowers2 Fri 06-Feb-15 07:30:14

He shouldnt be barging you or swearing at you. He wouldnt do that to a bloke who was bigger than him. Twat. Report him.

whatisforteamum Fri 06-Feb-15 18:55:13

I can sympathize vintage although my barging swearing shouty person is my manager...when he backs off i can do much better.Walking on eggshells is no fun although mine would never apologize.I am looking for another job.

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