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to ask about your pelvic floors (might be TMI)

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kitnkaboodle Fri 06-Feb-15 00:25:45

... because I just weed myself.

Generally pelvic floor not too bad. I went down the road tonight for a drink at a friend's house. Had two largeish glasses of wine and ended up bursting for a wee. Too lazy to go upstairs to her bathroom as very cosy by the fire.

When I left to walk home felt that bladder was full, but not at all worried about walking home. Started walking down the street and could feel it gradually leaking out. I was sort of clomping along as I had quite high-heeled boots on and was a bit tiddly. With every clomp a bit more wee leaked out. Not gushing by any means, but by the time I got home I was worried that OH might be still up (he wasn't) and might spot the problem. Wet enough to have to change knickers and trousers shock

have I got a serious problem, or is this kind of normal? I'm 50 - had 2 children vaginally. Like I say, I don't have leakage problems normally and my bladder was VERY full - but still a shock

MuttersDarkly Fri 06-Feb-15 00:32:18

I have read (more times than I am happy to have done) that the damage caused by birth isn't always apparent right after the birth. But comes to bite us on the bum when we get older.

I had a C-sec and at 47 so far seem unscathed. But give it a couple of years and that might not be the case. Apparently having a big fat head pushing down on your cervix, but being too elephant like to actually come out, for fecking HOURS, can bugger things up in a way you don't notice till menopause adds to the loveliness of getting older. Or so says my mate.

Who is not a midwife, or doctor or anything,but had a similar experience at birth to me and at 49 has just started having to cross her legs and clench if she coughs/sneezes/laughs.

TheHermitCrab Fri 06-Feb-15 00:39:06

At 27 I wee when I sneeze (prior to children), and now I've just had my 3rd child 3 weeks ago with 3rd degree tears. I'm just resigning myself to wearing nappies by the time I'm 40!

Haha seriously though. If you have had 2 children have you been doing pelvic floor exercises since birth? Apparently you have to do that stuff everyday for life or it just creeps up on you!

TheHermitCrab Fri 06-Feb-15 00:39:53

Where the hell did "3rd child" come from... this is definitely my FIRST child....Sleep deprivation kicking in, I'm seeing triple ;)

kitnkaboodle Fri 06-Feb-15 00:45:41

I did pelvic floor exercises immediately after having kids for a bit, but none for years. Youngest child now 11. Is it too late to start again and try to make things a bit better??

CointreauVersial Fri 06-Feb-15 00:45:52

Oh dear, OP, best get clenching.

I've been fine up till now (nearly 48, 3 DCs), except for one occasion recently on an activity holiday with the DC's. I was required to bounce on a trampoline while throwing a basketball into a net. I had to make my excuses and run and change my underwear. blush blush

Bellerina2 Fri 06-Feb-15 00:48:43

Seek out gussiegrips either on here or on Twitter and as she always says - #doyerblardyexercises!

diggerdigsdogs Fri 06-Feb-15 00:50:12

I'm 29, pg with dc3 and have massive problems with urge control. I have no problems running or coughing or sneezing though.

I'm off to the Physio for it after Dd arrives. I'm not going to put up with it - especially knowing it will only get worse- and psychologically its enormously depressing.

TheHermitCrab Fri 06-Feb-15 00:51:37

The exercises definitely work! I was scared after birth when I couldn't stop my stream on the loo (I don't do this regularly, I know you shouldn't! but wanted to asses the damage lol) Only started being almost able to again a few days ago, and I'm younger than you ladies, so I'll definitely be doing the exercises for life!

kitnkaboodle Fri 06-Feb-15 01:09:09

... see that's the funny thing. I always thought I was OK in that department as I can stop and start the stream on the loo with no problems. Can stop and hold it for AGES. Maybe it's a different set of muscles or something. I guess me clomping down the street with some force was kind of equivalent to bouncing on a trampoline

TheHermitCrab Fri 06-Feb-15 01:11:57

Well yeah the same muscles you stop and start flow with are the ones you should be exercising, but saying that, I still pee when I sneeze, I suppose it's whatever relaxes those muscles!! Maybe it's because alcohol was involved... there's some positions/situations where you just can't hold it.

Mine is sneezing and laughing.. but jumping up and down has no effect!

Discopanda Fri 06-Feb-15 01:14:44

I've always had an awful, awful bladder, when I started my old job they took me aside and asked if I was pregnant because I weed so much. Now in my late 20s after one child and another on the way my pelvic floor is well and truly shot. I actually weed myself a bit the other day when I got a really tickly throat and was coughing loads. I think like other muscles you can improve it with exercise.

steff13 Fri 06-Feb-15 02:55:28

Kegels are the only exercises I do regularly. I've had three kids, and am in my mid-30s, and so far, so good. All three births were vaginal. Most of my friends complain of leaking when they sneeze, cough, or laugh, so I count myself lucky.

You can buy weights to tone up that area, too, if you think you need some extra help.

Chips1999 Fri 06-Feb-15 03:05:01

Just a thought...DM can have this problem but only when she has a wee infection - could you have a wee infection?

5dogsgoswimming Fri 06-Feb-15 04:23:28

Had issues after birth. There's a good nhs leaflet on exercise.
See if you can see a physio . I did and it really helped.

With re exercise try pulling in slightly holding for a few seconds and letting go, as well as doing the sharp pull ins.
There'll be info on this somewhere

5dogsgoswimming Fri 06-Feb-15 04:25:26

Can't emphasis enough how helpful physio was!! Also I saw an incontinence nurse incase my problem wasn't to do with pf

Goneintohibernation Fri 06-Feb-15 05:51:24

Is anyone else doing pelvic floor exercises as they read this thread? Sorry OP, that's probably not very helpful!

ishouldcocoa Fri 06-Feb-15 05:57:48

I've just about finished having a chest infection. Had it for about a month, and had to resort to Tena Lady pads for the duration sad

Mind you, I was coughing so badly and violently, that I was pulling muscles in. Y ribs and back. I've done Pliates for over 2 years now, so in theory should have been ok ish.

I would recommend Pilates. It makes you do your pelvic exercises for an hour a week!

PeachyParisian Fri 06-Feb-15 08:42:03

I thought mine was pretty good until I wet myself whilst throwing up due to norovirus blush
I'm still young and no DCs either so no excuse!

mrssnodge Fri 06-Feb-15 09:49:03

48 & 3 DC- Im normally ok, and can hold it in for a while, and no general issues but during recent the flu bug, with a cough that lasted 4 weeks plus, I done more washing than normal put in that way- coughing= weeing- sneezing= weeing- ! Oh but I do cross legs if I sneeze!!!

Bellerina2 Fri 06-Feb-15 10:26:56

Peachy, don't worry, I think the strain of throwing up would test even the strongest of pelvic floors! I did my exercises all through pregnancy and haven't had any incontinence issues (touch wood!) but I did feel a bit bulgy and strange down there til DS was about 9 months. Coward that I am, I didn't go to the doctor but started doing my PFEs religiously and it's made a huge difference. I'm careful at the gym and don't do high impact exercise but I feel pretty much back to normal now. But I do notice a difference if I forget to clench for a week or so!

TattyDevine Fri 06-Feb-15 11:30:24

Nothing to add except I'm doing them right now!!!

Feminine Fri 06-Feb-15 11:42:37

Pilates is really fantastic for this.
I am 43, big babies. I know my bladder is weaker than pre children, however I don't have any problems at all.
I would suggest that the wine wouldn't have helped either.

fatlazymummy Fri 06-Feb-15 12:27:54

Mine's pretty good, however in your situation I would have used the toilet before I left. I'd rather be on the safe side.
I'm 54, with 3 vaginal births. I didn't really do pelvic floor exercises consistently but I found it really tightened up when I started swimming regularly. I would guess from doing quite a bit of breaststroke (tones the inner thighs as well).

TerraNovice Fri 06-Feb-15 12:30:56

OP let this be a lesson to you to ALWAYS use the loo before you leave anywhere, especially if you've been drinking!

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