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anyone that uses table salt in food is lacking in taste

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dhdjdbrjrkbr Thu 05-Feb-15 17:47:01

IMO the only place for table salt is in salt dough or to dye. Was just round a friends and she was seasoning a "home made" soup and poured a load in. I did my best not to raise my eyebrows but seriously even a bit of bog standard Maldon is cheap enough.

I have 6 different salts in the house, and to me table salt is not for food, no depth of flavour or hints and tones, just pure sodium!

Nanny0gg Thu 05-Feb-15 17:48:21


mousmous Thu 05-Feb-15 17:48:29

I always wanted to write salt snob

dexter73 Thu 05-Feb-15 17:48:46

Your threads are always funny!

Smoorikins Thu 05-Feb-15 17:50:58

I would love to do a taste test with you!

Janethegirl Thu 05-Feb-15 17:51:12

I prefer NaCl from VWR grin

Bailey101 Thu 05-Feb-15 17:52:29

If table salt wasn't for the table, they'd have called it something else......

Anyway, what kind of person has 6 different types of salt hmm

Lifesalemon Thu 05-Feb-15 17:54:00

I only have table salt in the house and it very rarely gets used.
I don't cook with salt of any kind, I just use stock and herbs and spices etc for flavour. My cooking doesn't seem bland and flavourless and to be honest I didn't even know 6 different salts existed. I know theres table salt and sea salt but that's it, I would never make a chef!

FurryDogMother Thu 05-Feb-15 17:54:55

If it's not Himalayan and pink, I'm not interested smile

Bair Thu 05-Feb-15 17:55:57

I have 13 different types of salt for everyday use. 17 for fancy. 21 for guest. And 89 for fancy guest. YABU you fucking heathen.

sunnydayinmay Thu 05-Feb-15 17:57:11

Surely salt is salt?

Mind you, the stuff I saw in the Vendee last year was grey and looked like the bottom of my washing machine. Sticking to table salt.grin

EatShitDerek Thu 05-Feb-15 17:57:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lifesalemon Thu 05-Feb-15 17:57:44

Ooh just remembered, we have a bag of rock salt in the garage too. grin
Does that count?

Aridane Thu 05-Feb-15 17:58:36

Ha ha - so long as it's not dishwasher salt or salted grit for the roads!

OwlBeGoing Thu 05-Feb-15 17:59:01


AndreaZuckerman Thu 05-Feb-15 17:59:46

YABU, chips without salt is like bread without butter. They just go together.

TidyDancer Thu 05-Feb-15 17:59:47

What is your question op?

stargirl1701 Thu 05-Feb-15 17:59:51

Bair gringringrin

TheHermitCrab Thu 05-Feb-15 18:00:02

You'd hate my kitchen/cooking habits, not only do i use table salt, but it's damp too and I have to give the tub a good smack to get any out. I'm such a peasant.

I saw pink rock salt in poundland the other day. Even though it was in poundland I thought "What kind of snob buys this shit".

ToysRLuv Thu 05-Feb-15 18:00:10

I use Lo Salt. <ducks>

mousmous Thu 05-Feb-15 18:00:17

sunny I was given the grey french stuff as a souvenir. I don't dare to open it...

JeanneDeMontbaston Thu 05-Feb-15 18:01:11

You do actually need salt in your diet. Most of us eat too much, but a few people eat too little, and it's not great.

dhdjdbrjrkbr Thu 05-Feb-15 18:01:22

I hear what your saying about pink himalayan salt but we have stopped using it I'm my house due to the ethics of using a Pakistani product, all the news recently about religious laws has inforced this.

You could try Korean oyster bamboo salt as a replacement smile

TheHermitCrab Thu 05-Feb-15 18:02:16

ToysRLuv I tried lo salt years ago, it fizzed on my tongue. Is it still that grim??

dhdjdbrjrkbr Thu 05-Feb-15 18:03:30

You table salt lovers do know its a high ly processed product where it is stripped of all its minerals just to leave you with pure sodium and nothing else. Not good for you like this

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