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To turn down this offer of work?

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DreamCatcherNo5 Wed 04-Feb-15 17:42:35

I work for an employment agency; mostly doing semi or unskilled work
Until recently I had been working with a great team but alas this contract came to an end.
As work was a bit on the thin side I accepted a part time post working a few ( child friendly) hours a day, however this isn't really sustainable as it doesn't pay enough, even with Tax credits etc,
The place is very friendly and I enquired about working there full time and was told that full time posts are all on shift patterns so I am unable to do the hours.
Yesterday they mentioned that they would like my post to be put on their payroll as it was a job that is required every week day IYSWIM. I told them I was looking for full time work but knew of someone for whom this would be ideal and they asked them to get in touch which they did.
Today the company asked me if I'd like to take the job on permanently but to keep quit about it with agency as I am required to " temp" for them for 13 weeks before being hired directly.
They also mentioned that it was costing too much to hire me via agency ( about 1/2 the workforce are temps BTW) I suggested they keep me on until they found a suitable replacement.
Just before my shift was up I was asked to make a decicion as to whether I wanted the job and if not my services would no longer be required as of next week and could I let them know by 3 pm today.
I got home and had about 15 minutes to decide what I wanted to do. I rang the agency and asked them to look for full time work for me and was told that they couldn't do anything whilst I was working at this place and they would have to find someone to fill my existing post. I didn't let on that I was offered the job and the agency seemed to think I was being " difficult".
To cut a long story short I rang the PA at the company to say I would not be taking up their offer. They said they had been inundated with applications and would have no problem finding someone to start next Monday.
Have I cut my nose off to spite my face or what?
I just feel as if they had me over a barrel and by acting lawfully in not taking the job have also unwittingly made myself unpopular with the employment agency.

Chillyegg Wed 04-Feb-15 17:47:59

Could you of afforded to of turned it down? What was the shift pattern? I'd personally of taken it as full time work is better than temp work, or no work at all.

DreamCatcherNo5 Wed 04-Feb-15 18:01:03

The shift patterns were 6-2pm, 2-10pm-10-6 am. Am a single parent, no childcare for those hours.
The job I was doing was 4 hrs in the morning after the school run, that was what they were offering me, it wasn't on the factory shift pattern.
Can't afford to turn anything down really but it isn't enough income to cover my bills.
It was also immoral of them. It was my understanding that they'd keep me on until the agency found me something full time.

HerRoyalNotness Wed 04-Feb-15 18:17:13

I would have accepted, and renegotiated the rate. They would be saving money not paying the agency, so I would have suggested they split the difference, and add 50% of the savings onto your wages.

Would that have worked out financially for you?

Bit late now either way.

ajandjjmum Wed 04-Feb-15 18:23:46

You have to wonder that if the company treat an Agency like that (when they have supplied a good worker) - how would they treat you as an employee?

Quitelikely Wed 04-Feb-15 18:32:08

I would tell the agency what happened.

DreamCatcherNo5 Wed 04-Feb-15 18:34:34

Even if I were to negotiate a pay rise, it would mean I earned more than the factory staff and would still not be enough to live on.
The company is very successful, I googled them. They are being cheapskates.
I know If I didn't have kids that full time work would be forthcoming but I really cant work the hours.
I'm cross that I have been put on the spot like this.
If they'd have said, sorry but we have found a permanent staff member for the post next week I could have explained this to the agency and I'm sure they would have been more forthcoming with the work.
It's made me out to be the difficult one when all I was doing was sidestepping the fact that I had been offered the job in a very underhanded way.

QuintlessShadows Wed 04-Feb-15 18:35:42

I would also tell the agency.

You have lost the job, and need the agency. The agency should appreciate your honesty.

DreamCatcherNo5 Wed 04-Feb-15 18:38:55

I'm scared to tell the agency for fear of them thinking I'm a trouble maker. The agency supply approx. 30 agency workers on a full time basis to just one of their units. I doubt the agency would want to lose this contract.
Bloody minimum wage; it really has made staff more " disposable" I think.

DreamCatcherNo5 Wed 04-Feb-15 18:41:05

All this hassle for £7 per hour.
I am beginning realise why the previous person left.

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