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Cunting vendors threatening to pull out of bastarding sale by midday tomorrow.

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Belleende Tue 03-Feb-15 18:41:03

Buying a house. Survey threw up some possible issues with building work commissioned by vendors. Forked out for structural survey. Came back ok, except gound other potential issues with previous building work. Persuaded surveyor to remove incidental findings from report and sent it off to mortgage Co. They send to original valuer ( from cuntrywide), who is on 2 week holiday. Nothing happens. Chase and chase. Marked as urgent. System down, nothing happens. Promised answer last Thurs, still nothing.
Get e mail today from estate agent at 5pm. Vendors threatening to pull out if no answer by midday TOMORROW!

I can understand wanting to set deadlines, but a three hour deadline to sort a problem that is beyond my control seems totally unreasonable to me.
I do not want to get into a game of chicken. I am 20 weeks pregnant and could do without the stress. If it's not all sorted by midday tomorrow AIBU to tell them to shove it.

Juno213 Tue 03-Feb-15 18:50:28

Where do they think pulling out will get them? Any new purchaser will have to go through all of the same issues and it will end up being a longer process than now. Explain to the estate agent or call there bluff. Have you started searches? Buying and selling houses is a long process. No one is in any rush and they should realise that.

PtolemysNeedle Tue 03-Feb-15 18:56:36

It's a bit harsh to call them cunts when you don't know what pressures they have on them to make the sale go through as quickly as possible. How do you know that they won't lose the house they are buying if they have to wait an indefinite amount of time?

laughingmyarseoff Tue 03-Feb-15 19:04:08

I wonder if from their perspective they think you are stalling in lieu of gazumping or pulling out? Although you know your motives and you know you are being messed around on your end, they have no assurances. They may also be ready to lose a property.

I expect they won't pull out, they are trying to force your hand. It's not productive to give such a short time, I suggest you ring the estate agents and tell them that. I would wonder why your people are behaving so unprofessionally, saying they'll get back to you last week and not even contact to say it's delayed.

seaoflove Tue 03-Feb-15 19:04:20

It does rather sound like cutting off your nose to spite your face. They will have to start again from scratch and potentially lose a house they've offered on.

It's not your fault you've had these delays after all. In fact, it all sounds fairly normal for the house buying process. If I were you, I would tell the agent to tell them you are doing all you can, but setting an unrealistic deadline isn't going to speed things along.

dougierose Tue 03-Feb-15 19:19:48

Call their bluff. Our buyer's buyer tried to gazunder by £18k (on a £300k property) even AFTER he'd signed the contract. We thought the whole chain was broken but our buyers ballsed it out and 2 weeks later the chain completed, thank god.

Nerves of steel, dear - nerves of steel.

And your drink of choice xx

dougierose Tue 03-Feb-15 19:21:22

Having said all that, we did actually put our house back on the market when all this gazundering was going on. We didn't pull out of the chain, but we made it quite clear that this arsing around wasn't helping anyone.

Belleende Tue 03-Feb-15 19:24:52

They cannot be under that much pressure. It is a chain of 3, with us at the bottom. Top of the chain are buying a place in Ireland in cash. The market there is still pretty sluggish, so any threats to break the chain there will be empty. With such a small and simple chain (only two friking mortgages and they only got theirs approved last week!), they would have to be under immense pressure to break it - or they are playing silly buggers.
I am now suspicious of their motives. Why put a deadline in place before expressing serious concerns, and if you are going to put a deadline in, why such a short one?
I have bollocked the estate agent and told them to get their client in line and come back first thing tomorrow with a revised deadline. I am not going to play chicken with them come midday.

I am 20 weeks pregnant, if this falls through I am fucked. It would be nigh on impossible to find and complete on another place before I go on mat leave, leaving me stuck in a one bed flat.

I wish people would consider the stress they cause and the potential consequences before setting up such a scenario.

Pancakeday Tue 03-Feb-15 19:29:49

It's a bluff. People in chains often throw their toys out of the pram and give ridiculous deadlines. Speak to your solicitor and ask them to speak direct with the vendor's solicitor.

Juniper44 Tue 03-Feb-15 19:39:42

I was about 20 weeks pregnant when we started the whole process, as first time buyers. We moved in when I was 31 weeks!

It can be done!

dun1urkin Tue 03-Feb-15 21:31:06

They sound like they are being tough on you, but sometimes people aren't bluffing and they do break the chain.
I did when we bought our house. It was more important to me that we sold than it was that we bought, so I instructed my solicitor to sell our house without buying the next as planned.
The vendor thought I was bluffing. I wasn't.
I hope it all works out for you, it sounds like you're doing the right thing.

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