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Looking for a quality adult scooter, any tips?

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millsyjane Mon 02-Feb-15 14:57:44

I had an oxello adult scooter, but it broke. I used it every day but I'm looking for something that'll last! Perhaps with pneumatic wheels rather than hard plastic ones, not sure which one to go for. Love scooting - I used it for leisure with the kids and for commuting.

ocelot41 Mon 02-Feb-15 15:57:07

I have a Razor - its fab!

millsyjane Mon 02-Feb-15 16:13:07

Has anyone tried Swifty Scooters? I'm looking at them as they have large 16inch wheels, pneumatic tyres, they look amazing!

Aeroflotgirl Mon 02-Feb-15 17:30:50

I have a microscooter kickboard which is really good and solid.

ValeriaS Mon 02-Feb-15 22:38:08

I'm thinking of getting one so would also love to hear the suggestions. Can you scoot on it with a child of 3-4yo between you and the handlebar?

ocelot41 Tue 03-Feb-15 07:49:58

Yep. That's exactly what I did (although slowly and carefully). Now he is 5 he is getting too big for that as I would have to turn my foot sideways alto get him on and scooting like that is uncomfortable. So noe he stands at the front door with his scooter, points to mine and says 'Mummy, let's ride!' V Hells angels...wink

standingonlego Tue 03-Feb-15 07:51:00

Micro skooter black - love it

standingonlego Tue 03-Feb-15 07:52:40

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