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To ask for inspiration for flower holders

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AuntyBatshit Mon 02-Feb-15 05:49:15

Posted in 'Weddings' to no avail: thought I'd get more responses here. It's a vow renewal, not a wedding, so maybe 'Weddings' wasn't the right place to post it. Also, it's not until next September, so apologies for that too. Here goes:

DH and I want the 'church' wedding we didn't have nearly ten years ago. I've gone into planning overdrive, picked my bridesmaids, he's picked his best man, etc. We didn't have a theme in mind, but- just down to me being me- we have already decided on:

Me and my three (including dd(7) in bridesmaids dresses and biker boots

The possibillity of me arriving at the venue in either a jcb truck or an ice cream van

Walking down the aisle (or clomping!) to a rock version (recorded by me) of 'All things Bright and Beautiful'

Reception at the local Wacky Warehouse

So I guess a bit alternative. Now, here's my question. I'd like the bridesmaids to carry flowers in something: my only idea is a mini drum, with the top removed. I could really do with ideas! I'm doing the flowers myself if that makes any difference. Tia

bubalou Mon 02-Feb-15 06:32:53

One word - Pinterest. smile

AuntyBatshit Mon 02-Feb-15 06:39:14

Thank you

bubalou Mon 02-Feb-15 06:44:14

Sorry I don't have better ideas myself

I know it's not a 'goth' wedding but if it's dark and edgy you want try putting in 'goth wedding boquet'.

There's some fab and beautiful flower ideas. smile

AuntyBatshit Mon 02-Feb-15 07:03:22

Awesome. I do struggle with Pinterest as the images are TINY (registered blind) and I only have my phone. I'm not quite a goth: my friends describe me as 'quirky' whatever that means! I live and breathe music, which is why I thought the drum. (was playing about with the idea of being wheeled down the aisle on a grand piano at one point but...grin)

bubalou Mon 02-Feb-15 07:18:20


I did try putting in rock or music bouquet but they didn't come up hence the use of goth. smile

If you put in music flower bouquet there's a beautiful one where someone has got sheet music and done the old 'tea stained' trick you used to do at school to make paper look old.

They've then used this paper to make a sort of 'come' or base for flower boquet. Very cool.

ISolemnlySwearImUptoNoGood Mon 02-Feb-15 07:19:06

You definitely need some sort of 'alternative bouquets.'

What about paper flowers made from song sheets of your favourite songs?

ISolemnlySwearImUptoNoGood Mon 02-Feb-15 07:19:53

X post!

musicalendorphins2 Mon 02-Feb-15 07:24:09

If you're coming out of an ice cream truck, how about giant waffle cones?

teeththief Mon 02-Feb-15 07:24:31

How about musical inspired flowers instead of holders? I saw some origami flowers made from sheet music and tied with sheet music ribbon recently grin

teeththief Mon 02-Feb-15 07:26:07

Oops xpost

AuntyBatshit Mon 02-Feb-15 07:26:53

Ha! I love ALL these! Ps, DH is bog standard, two-up-two-down he's coped with me for nearly a decade is anyone's guess!

Flumpenintelligentsia Mon 02-Feb-15 07:35:24

Some of the music paper 'cones' on pinterest are lovely. there's also a few melted vinyl containers too - you can pick up old lps in charity shops for pennies.

There are also some great place 'card' plectrums with bride and groom names on them, and some invites made to look like gig tickets.

musicalendorphins2 Mon 02-Feb-15 07:42:07

No flowers, have cotton candy instead?

Glowing Cotton Candy: Featured in our roundup of DIY projects that glow, substitute traditional cotton candy sticks with multi-colored LED wands!

Rosieliveson Mon 02-Feb-15 07:49:01

There is a great picture of a bouquet which is in a horn of some sort. I googled music wedding bouquets.
The flowers made of sheet music look beautiful too x

AuntyBatshit Mon 02-Feb-15 08:25:31

I love the idea of the vinyl to Google.

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