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ladylily29 Fri 30-Jan-15 19:31:28

My periods have been quite irregular recently and I was convinced I was becoming infertile.
Anyway, I just POAS and got a BFP. Do you think it's definitely a BFP or is it perhaps wrong?
Anyway, I have always wanted children and should be feeling desperately excited now.
But I'm terrified! And I feel really weird. I want the baby. (That feels so weird to type.) But I feel so weird. I've never been pregnant before.
Haven't told husband yet. Am worried he'll not be pleased (am sure he will, but am being paranoidy, I think).

So AIBU to feel weird, even though I really wanted (want) this?

Also, as a second ask, I've got weird periody feelings on the left hand side. Is that about right?

Sorry if IABU to ask! Am just feeling quite weird all round...! tbblush

SorchaN Fri 30-Jan-15 19:40:09

You can get false negative results quite easily, but a false positive would be very unusual. So you're probably pregnant - congratulations! But if you weren't expecting it, I can see why you'd feel weird: it'll mean big changes. But if you've always wanted children, you will be able to adapt!

Hope it all goes well with telling your husband, and that he'll be excited about the baby too.

laughingmyarseoff Fri 30-Jan-15 19:41:58

Take a clear blue test? It will be accurate if after period expected date and give you approx time of conception. YANBU to feel however you feel. If you are pregnant then everything is in flux anyway. My friend felt off, she could only describe it as that.

BumpAndGrind Fri 30-Jan-15 19:42:44


I was trying for my DD for 8 months. I still felt weird after the BFP, even when I'd cried at the previous months BFN.

Congratulations flowers

PoppySausage Fri 30-Jan-15 19:42:51

I wanted a baby so much but when I got bfp just froze and shook with absolute terror! Got used to it but such a shock!

BumpAndGrind Fri 30-Jan-15 19:43:32

sorry, that should say YANBU!

WiiUnfit Fri 30-Jan-15 19:45:15

YANBU, OP. Do a clearblue test to be sure.

Promptly after getting a BFP, I burst into tears and blubbed to DH for hours about how / if we would cope at all... despite it being what we wanted confused What I learnt was there is no "normal" when it comes to pregnancy and emotions!

DS is now 3.5 grin

wanderingcloud Fri 30-Jan-15 19:48:25

Oh wow OP, I have been in your shoes. My GP had told me I would "struggle to conceive" and so I'd very much prepared myself to never have children. When I then had a BFP I was utterly floored. Good news is nature builds in a good few months for you to get used to the idea! Congratulations, you're at the start of a truly amazing story. X

LastOneDancing Fri 30-Jan-15 19:53:36

Course you feel weird, it's a HUGE thing! You have no idea what's about to happen, how it will feel & it's natural to feel vulnerable and a bit scared and elated and very weird.

congratulations OP thanks

CheshireCait Fri 30-Jan-15 19:55:02

YANBU! Discovering you're pregnant for the first time is bizarre and confusing.

I had periody feelings both times in the early days, it was stretching pains and went away after a few weeks.

pepperfish Fri 30-Jan-15 19:57:09

I wanted a baby so, so much when I got my BFP, and like you I thought I was going to have problems conceiving due to irregular periods (at my first ultrasound, the sonographer unofficially diagnosed PCOS by the state of my ovaries). 2 years of convincing my husband we HAD to get on with it soon, one night of too much wine and ta da!

When I saw the two lines I swore a LOT. For the first few days I developed a mantra of 'You are OK, you are not going to die!' as I kept feeling the panic taking over!

I think it's totally normal and to make you feel better, at 24 weeks I am now SO EXCITED!! grin I'm sure you'll be the same!


Sid77 Fri 30-Jan-15 20:01:40

YANBU. Feeling weird is fine - to be honest I found the whole being pregnant experience weird. But then it is weird to have a whole person growing inside you. Weird and wonderful - congratulations

ladylily29 Fri 30-Jan-15 20:07:12

Thanks for your responses! I feel a bit reassured.

I took a clearblue test, but I didn't need a wee enough and it didn't work (it had a picture of a book). So I will have to buy another one tomorrow and try again...

But to be fair, I'm bloated and my nipples seem to have - um - spread a bit, so...

sillymillyb Fri 30-Jan-15 20:12:36

I too felt weird - In fact, up until they handed me my son I was slightly worried that I'd got it all wrong and had wasted everyone's time as I had got it wrong about being pregnant.

I also went to the doctors when I found out and plonked 6 tests down on her desk and said "I'm not sure, but I think I might be pregnant" she just laughed at me and said I def was but 1 test would have done grin

AGnu Fri 30-Jan-15 20:27:06

I completely freaked out both times I got BFPs. Both were completely planned & in the first month of trying but both times as soon as I'd POAS I got this overwhelming feeling that I wanted it to be negative because, I mean, a baby?! I couldn't possibly look after a baby! hmm They're 3y & 18m now & survived so far so I can't be that incapable! wink It's just a huge adjustment to your life & that's always going to make you feel a bit uncertain at times.

Congratulations! flowers

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Fri 30-Jan-15 20:31:19


I had also convinced myself it would never happen for me and didn't believe all the cheap tests I did despite knowing they were probably right. It took a digital test for it to sink in.

nickdrakeslovechild Fri 30-Jan-15 20:32:13

Terrified is normal, well it was for me! I was also told that it would be unlikely that we would conceive so it was a shock when we did.
I think its the whole OMFG my life is going to change forever, but its so exciting and amazing and so fucking exhausting and your hormones go crazy from the first day (well they did for me) even the day before I had my LO I was thinking is it to late to change our minds confused I only stopped feeling scared the moment I held her, then it was all ok.

nickdrakeslovechild Fri 30-Jan-15 20:33:03

oh and congratulations flowers its an ace ride!

Mandatorymongoose Fri 30-Jan-15 20:39:46


It is a weird feeling but it will sink in eventually.

Hope everything goes fabulously well for you thanks

sillymillyb Fri 30-Jan-15 20:41:27

Actually, thinking about it, my ds is nearly 3 and I still have moments of "holy fuck, I have a child?!?!?" I'm 34 but I still feel shocked anyone would trust me with this great responsibility!

Congratulations grin

x2boys Fri 30-Jan-15 21:22:23

Just to reassure you op my cycle was and always has been completely erratic I would regularly go more than six months without a period and thought I wouldn't be able to conceive ds1 was conceived within five eeks of trying and ds2 took twelve months .congratulationsflowers

BumpAndGrind Fri 30-Jan-15 21:25:22

It didn't take me long to go from feeling a bit odd to getting impatient for they're arrival. Then she arrived and I felt weird again. That lasted longer but was a really nice re valuation of life in general. I felt so odd but was gaining a while new perspective smile

BumpAndGrind Fri 30-Jan-15 21:26:06


ExitPursuedByABear Fri 30-Jan-15 21:28:18

It is the weirdest thing ever.

And it gets weirder.

Enjoy the ride.

applejacksauntie Sat 31-Jan-15 15:46:41

I took a test everyday for 3 weeks after my first BFP. I was convinced I had imagined it and had to keep checking. Cost a small fortune grin

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