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with my employer about pay rise/switch to employee status

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ShitHotAwesome Fri 30-Jan-15 17:03:37

Will try to be brief.
I have been in post for 4 years. At interview, I negotiated for a higher salary but was told that I'd have a 6 months post-probation salary review. No rise then.
At annual review, I changed my working conditions substantially so concentrated on that rather than a raise.
The second year, I had another change in working conditions - my request - so no raise requested or received.
Last year at annual review, I put forward a proposal that I should be considered for a permanent rather than contract position and also suggested a raise in line with some documents we'd been preparing relating to my role. He said we'd wait 'til documentation went through but seemed amenable - he said it seemed reasonable.
6 months on, documentation just being finalized, I requested another meeting which I had on Monday.
He agreed to make me permanent which is great.
I then followed up with questions about salary for this position and he blustered about having to do the sums as being permanent means he has to shell out more to cover benefits etc. I accepted this, but also forwarded the written bit about my existing salary and how that would work with the raise I had requested. I got more bluster about sums.
Soooo, I just emailed the admin person to ask about the documentation going through and she has said it's been forwarded to HR and they'll be in touch. I am guessing this means they have finalized my salary without telling me...even if they weren't going to negotiate, they should surely have the decency to say "we've done the sums and this is where we are"..or AIBU?

ShitHotAwesome Fri 30-Jan-15 17:23:50

gah - now I am getting even crosser - having been in touch with the admin person, not only did boss and her decline to tell me that they had kept my pay at the same rate, this means I will have at least 5% less in my take home pay each pay period which is quite the slap in the face after 4 years or knowing I should be paid more.

Have sent a message requesting that sums be done to at least equal my previous take home pay.


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