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To really resent the amount of tax we pay.

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KettleBelles Fri 30-Jan-15 14:10:21

I hate it, we pay a vast amount of tax to live in a country where we can't see a GP for a fortnight, feel criminalised every time we go to an airport, pay even more tax again to drive a car on inadequate and over crowded roads. Get squashed on crowded transport which is filthy and unreliable, where criminals seem to always be on the beneficial side of human rights.

I can't be the only one who feels like this?

TestingTestingWonTooFree Fri 30-Jan-15 14:11:44

Move out then. Where do you think you'll get better value for money?

How much tax are you actually paying? What do you think you receive in terms of public services?

ghostyslovesheep Fri 30-Jan-15 14:12:31

move then?

and take some biscuit s for the trip

Hissy Fri 30-Jan-15 14:13:11

most of what you are ranting about has bugger all to do with the level of personal taxation

KettleBelles Fri 30-Jan-15 14:14:12

I'm not telling you how much tax we actually pay but in the US the percentage would be way lower. It's quite tempting.

GraysAnalogy Fri 30-Jan-15 14:14:14

I'm not really arsed I think my tax is well worth what I get from it. Sure, things could be improved, but there isn't enough money to go around.

GraysAnalogy Fri 30-Jan-15 14:14:37

Go to the US then. And if you get ill, expect to pay thousands.

HatieKokpins Fri 30-Jan-15 14:15:25

Bye then! Don't let the door smack you on the way out.

KettleBelles Fri 30-Jan-15 14:15:57

No one else at all rattled by the amount of tax they pay? Really?

ginmakesitallok Fri 30-Jan-15 14:15:59

Nope, I think we pretty much get our moneys worth.

Shedding Fri 30-Jan-15 14:17:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ghostyslovesheep Fri 30-Jan-15 14:17:41

you think car tax pays for roads don't op?


I love living in a country where I get free health care at the point of service - I can always get a same day Dr's apt, have a brilliant NHS dentist, free education for my children

I think you will find most 'public' transport is run by profit making private companies - I'd love to see a return to British Rail and would happily pay more tax for it

nunkspugget Fri 30-Jan-15 14:18:32

Have you ever left the UK op? Its often not until you go that you see how good we have it. Its pretty cushy here IMO.

KettleBelles Fri 30-Jan-15 14:19:56

Of course i've left the UK. What a strange question.

meglet Fri 30-Jan-15 14:20:03

move to the US then. better start checking out private health insurance.

in the USA my cousins dh lost his job when their daughter was being treated for leukaemia. They were shitting themselves that he could get another job to pay the medical bills (he did and she has now recovered). no NHS to fall back on over there.

TheGirlFromIpanema Fri 30-Jan-15 14:20:29

Ha ha ha ha ha grin

You can tell its the end of January!

TheMShip Fri 30-Jan-15 14:21:13

Not rattled all. Happy to pay, wouldn't mind paying a few points more.

Honeydragon Fri 30-Jan-15 14:21:25

I don't object to the amount I pay, I do sometimes object to how some of it's spent .... But that's democracy for you.

KettleBelles Fri 30-Jan-15 14:21:39

Yes, end of January. Tax return day. Which is why it's biting so much.

Hamiltoes Fri 30-Jan-15 14:21:52

Nope. I think the tax levels in this country are pretty fair to be honest and wish certain people with certain attitudes would realise they can't have everything.

You surely can't be naive enough to need a lecture on why people pay road tax and petrol tax confused

And as for the "feel criminialised when we go to the airport" what on earth are you talking about and what does that have to do with the price of tax? hmm

Prole Fri 30-Jan-15 14:23:17

Your tax isn't simply about what YOU get back. Think of all those single people paying for schools, child benefit, working tax credits etc etc.

ouryve Fri 30-Jan-15 14:24:31


We probably need to be paying a bit more tax, to tell the truth.

Dawndonnaagain Fri 30-Jan-15 14:25:10


PurpleDaisies Fri 30-Jan-15 14:25:49

What on earth do feeling criminalised at the airport and thinking criminals having too many human rights have to do with how much tax we pay?!

KettleBelles Fri 30-Jan-15 14:26:57

Whoever thinks that that tax credits are a good idea is deranged. They just let companies pay peanuts while the net contributing tax payer covers the bill and lets the company in question make vast profits.

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