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To think this is too much colouring in for year 1

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ThunderAndFrightening Fri 30-Jan-15 14:10:02

I am genuinely not sure if I am being unreasonable to feel this isn't quite right.

DD is in year 1 and every day comes home with 1 or 2 colouring in drawings, mostly print outs of Frozen characters. There doesn't seem to be much educational value to it. Apparently this is what she gets to do when she has finished her class work. I feel if she is finishing ahead of the class regularly she should have a more differentiated task to help her progress in the subject they are doing. The pictures are well coloured so he must have quite a lot of time to do them. To give some backstory, at parents evening last term, her teacher agreed they needed to provide more challenging work, as she was developing the attitude that all school work is easy and not building any resilience to keep trying when something is difficult. Aibu I speak to them again or am I being precious?

KittyandTeal Fri 30-Jan-15 14:21:53

Yep totally agree.

When I taught year 1 colouring was something they could do in golden time or wet play/lunch. Or as a treat at the end of term (when they're too shattered to do anything)

If she is finishing her work early then, yes, she should have extension work to do to move her on in that subject.

I'd speak to the teacher if I were you.

Anomaly Fri 30-Jan-15 14:31:31

Don't knock colouring in its great for developing control of pens/pencils. Really good for their handwriting, it also helps them to focus on a task. I think its wuite relaxing too. If you feel your child needs more extension work you would not be unreasonable to ask the teacher. But colouring in is educational.

ThunderAndFrightening Fri 30-Jan-15 15:00:42

Thanks. I think I will speak to the teacher, I'm usually quite relaxed about this sort of thing especially as she is little and don't want to be a pushy parent.

Also agree colouring in is great for lots of things. I think it's more the lack of extension work, rather than the colouring in particularly.

BeCool Fri 30-Jan-15 15:11:24

DD1 is Y2 and have never come home with any colouring pages she has done in school.

I'd feel much happier about drawing in free time, than colouring in, but how about a bit more challenging work instead? In DD's class there is a group of them who get "extra" questions etc to keep them challenged.

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