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Madonna should not be working with a rapist

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Pprice Thu 29-Jan-15 11:10:30

So mike Tyson is on the new Madonna album. Surely if she was a feminist she wouldn't work with a rapist?

Hoppinggreen Thu 29-Jan-15 11:19:24

I agree. We recently watched a film ( Hangover - better than expected) with him in and I was pretty shocked. Everyone seems to gave forgotten he s a convicted rapist. Hopefully it wouldn't happen here, given what happened with Ched Evans I don't think the public would put up with it in the UK.

ApocalypseThen Thu 29-Jan-15 11:19:42

If she was too keen on anything other than ruthless self promotion, she wouldn't be Madonna.

molyholy Thu 29-Jan-15 11:21:13

That is what I thought when he appeared on The Hangover. Then Zach Galifianakis refused to work with Mel Gibson on The Hangover 2.

Rapist = okay/Other types of vile behaviour against women = not okay?

Happy to sweep these things under the carpet when it suits????

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 29-Jan-15 11:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ApocalypseThen Thu 29-Jan-15 11:24:32

Well Mel Gibson's problems don't start and end with women. He's an anti Semite of some renown. I suspect that was the actual problem.

Tulipblank Thu 29-Jan-15 11:28:16

Mike Tyson was featured on the uk tv documentary when Freddie flintoff trained as a boxer.

That gave me the rage.

He shouldn't get air time.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 29-Jan-15 11:29:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

molyholy Thu 29-Jan-15 11:29:39

Yes Apocalypse - I have to agree with you there actually.

MrsPeterQuill Thu 29-Jan-15 12:08:10

Completely agree OP

I remember in the late 80s/90s when Neneh Cherry (who I loved ) named her daughter Tyson after Mike Tyson, I kind of went off her.

I also loved Madonna growing up but it doesn't surprise me.

house agree with your points, sadly.

IHeartChristmasMoomies Thu 29-Jan-15 12:21:58

I totally agree with you.

It upsets me as well when people like Natalie Portman and Kate Winslet work with convicted child rapist Roman Polanski.

meglet Thu 29-Jan-15 12:25:19

agree. it's like people who work with Polanski angry

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 29-Jan-15 12:34:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheComfortOfStrangers Thu 29-Jan-15 12:50:23

I agree that it is shameless self-promotion.
I mean, why else? It's not as though Tyson is a renowned musical talent. It's just to have his name for a bit of controversy and media coverage. It worked too... here we are !

GatoradeMeBitch Thu 29-Jan-15 14:12:08

I went off Lady Gaga after she worked with R Kelly. I think a lot of backstage politics is involved though. For instance I think Rihanna was paid a lot of money to start endorsing' Chris Brown again, who better to publicly say all is forgiven than the victim?

In Madonna's case though, I'd imagine it's another misfired attempt to look 'edgy'. She really needs to relax.

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