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naice biscuits

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OhWotIsItThisTime Wed 28-Jan-15 20:03:14

I got bought naice biscuits for Christmas. When I discovered a load had been eaten, I told off DH, as it was my pressie (I had been sharing them, but wanted them to last as we cant afford posh bikkies).

Anyway, fast forward. Ds1 at school, ds2 napping. I make coffee and go to treat myself to one of my biscuits and they are all gone. All that's left is an unwashed biscuit tin. DH says he offered them to his parents and they ate them all and what was he to do.

I suspect he ate most of them and should have made sure one was left for me, as it was my present. He says I'm being unreasonable. So, great mumsnetters, AIBU to expect at least one of my biscuits to be left for me to enjoy? And to expect DH to at least wash the bastard tin?

CaulkheadUpNorth Wed 28-Jan-15 20:06:40

I say yabu because it's biscuits and although they mattered to you they don't matter to him/anyone else as being something special.

You could ask him to buy you some more, but unless they are very posh ones which come from another country I don't think it's a big deal.

And it would have been weird if he took one out to save for you

UncrushedParsley Wed 28-Jan-15 20:11:36

No, YANBU . If he DID offer them to the parents, and it's an if, as you say, he shouldn't have done. You had expressed your feelings prior to that.

BikketBikketBikket Wed 28-Jan-15 20:22:49

They were your present, so he was being VVU in offering them to anyone.
Does he have a special liking for anything - wine say? If so, get out his best bottle when you have friends/parents round; he wouldn't have any cause for objection... Mwahahaha... grin

jimmycrackcornbutidontcare Wed 28-Jan-15 20:23:13

Yab a bit u. He should have left them alone but Christmas was over a month ago. Biscuits don't last a few days in this house. If someone left biscuits lying round going stale for that long I would eat them too.

Discopanda Wed 28-Jan-15 20:36:59

I can't stand it when you really fancy something then it's blimming gone when you go to have it. YANBU, they were YOUR biscuits, he should have got his own if he was that desperate.

OhWotIsItThisTime Wed 28-Jan-15 22:16:44

And I like slightly stale biscuits... blush

I will have to seek vengeance.

crazykat Fri 30-Jan-15 12:26:55

YANBU they were yours and you'd already made it clear to dh that you wanted them. He shouldn't have offered them to his parents as they weren't his to offer. If it were a normal packet from the cupboard then it'd have been nice for him to leave a couple but not when they were yours, he shouldn't have touched them. It's not like they'd been sat there a couple months and not been touched.

Some people will be of the opinion that they're just biscuits so what's the problem but I'd be the same as you. My favourite chocolate is lindt and ferrero which I only get as presents as they're expensive. I'd go mad if dh had the last of them as they're a big treat for me but I know my dh wouldn't do that, just like I wouldn't eat something that was his, it's common courtesy to leave other people's food alone.

Hoppinggreen Fri 30-Jan-15 13:38:59

My DH would do this and it really winds me up.
I don't much like biscuits apart from the occasional naice one whereas he eats any old shite. I may fancy one every few days but unless I scoff the lot the day they enter the house I've no chance. If I complain I get " I'll buy some more" well no you won't because the posh biscuit shop is nowhere near and a packet of feckin hobnobs aren't the same!!
As you specifically told him they were off limits and they were a present then yanbu
LTB - but kill him first !!

AllMimsyWereTheBorogoves Fri 30-Jan-15 13:41:24

Hide them. It's the only way.

WhereIsMyFurryHat Fri 30-Jan-15 13:49:32

I am usually quite easy going but food disappointment gives me the proper rage. I hate it when seething you've been looking forward to is all gone or someone buys the wrong good or forgets what you asked for. So bloody annoying.

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