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to think the nutribullet "nutrition extractor" is just the magic bullet advertised years ago as a blender??

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Fruityb Wed 28-Jan-15 11:06:31

Is it really so hard to get fruit and veg in this day and age without making one big drink out of all of it? Nutrition extractor?? Why would I have kale with oranges??

I'm off sick at the moment and watching far too much rubbish. But this thing looks like the magic bullet that was advertised about ten years ago as a kitchen utensil and not for extracting nutrients and chlorophyll from my food. Do I even need chlorophyll? Isn't that what makes grass green??


HearMyRoar Wed 28-Jan-15 11:12:57

it's made by the same people as the magic bullet and basically the same thing but with a stronger engine so it can pretty much cope with anything.

Yes, all the crap about extracting nutrients is a load of tosh, and it is basically a souped up blender, but it is awesome. Its really compact, easy to clean, and I can blend frozen fruit in it without it breaking.

Fruityb Wed 28-Jan-15 11:16:30

I always fancied the bullet thing before and thought it looked like a nifty gadget. But "nutriblasts"?? They make it sound like people must have real trouble drinking anything in the first place!

I'd use it to make sauces with but I'd rather just eat the fruit and veg with my dinner. Plus some of these combos sound vile!

sourdrawers Wed 28-Jan-15 11:17:57

The Salter smoothie maker is much better IMO. Sooo easy to clean, blends fantastically well and is about a quarter of the price of the Nutri Bullet.

BreakingDad77 Wed 28-Jan-15 11:57:24

I thought these things release more fruit sugar than if you ate the things in their unprocessed state?

Fruityb Wed 28-Jan-15 12:00:57

That's what I've always thought!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Wed 28-Jan-15 12:54:42

I have a blender from Sainsburys for less than £17. Its great for smoothies. I have blended frozen fruit quite a lot of times too.

As regards to getting veg in without it then yes for some it is hard. Im not a great lover of veg, but I put all sorts into my smoothies and drink them. I have often bought fruit with the intention to eat them, but more often than not it gets wasted. DS is quite difficult with veg too, but loves a smoothie so its great to get veg into him too.

Is your OP about the Nutribullet or about people needing smoothies to get their 5-a-day?

ihatethecold Wed 28-Jan-15 13:01:31

I'm really wanting a Nutribullet and I'm watching some on EBay.
Interesting to hear the smoothie maker is just as good.
I have a blender but the drinks are still lumpy at the bottom.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Wed 28-Jan-15 13:05:00

I have a blender but the drinks are still lumpy at the bottom

Ive not noticed it with mine

ihatethecold Wed 28-Jan-15 14:43:41

biscuits, mine is just a bog standard blender

specialsubject Wed 28-Jan-15 14:49:16

careful - you'll bring down the wrath of the fanatical dieters on you with this heresy! Of course it must be better, it costs a lot more and is advertised! wink

careful with smoothies, easy to put way too much in them and take in too many carlories. never buy commercial smoothies, solid sugar.

ShumbTucker Wed 28-Jan-15 14:52:33

I still have a Magic Bullet. Ten years of regular use and still going strong! I bought it via a shopping channel at around 3am when DS when was a tiny baby, I may have also bought a rotisserie and a nicer dicer in similar sleep deprived circumstances...

Now40 Wed 28-Jan-15 14:57:23

I have a nutri ninja which was cheaper but very similar. Love it, love it.

Fruityb Wed 28-Jan-15 18:20:46

I was watching it thinking I'm sure I've seen this before! It looked liked a handy little thing but I think all this nutriblast business is marketing it a far. I watch too much shopping telly and have considered a steam mop and a pressure cooker this week!

I do SW so wouldn't be allowed smoothies like that anyway. I'm a cruncher though so eat it far more happily that way.

Peacocklady Thu 29-Jan-15 06:33:53

I thought SW meant you were a social worker at first and thought it meant it wouldn't suit your role as someone who sees the full 'crunchy' version of life!!

Fruityb Thu 29-Jan-15 08:20:03

LMAO! Slimming world lol there are syns in mashed fruit I think.

MrsKravitzFromAcrossTheStreet Thu 29-Jan-15 10:22:24

I have a regular blender and a NutriBullet and the NutriBullet is far superior, it blends to a much smoother texture and is so easy to wash and store compared to a blender. I love my smoothies and have one every day in which I put one cup of greens and one cup of berries (and other ingredients). I eat a lot of veg with meals (I eat paleo) but the smoothie just helps me get even more in and is nicer to have for breakfast than a plate of fruit and vegetables!

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