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to be pissed off at my friend who is a council tenant

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judgejudithjudy Tue 27-Jan-15 11:34:41

Friends boiler broke down & was fixed for free within 4 days. When mine broke down, I had to apply for a loan to get it fixed & took 4 weeks.

All she's done is moan on Fb it's taken too long.

Felt like adding get a job & try paying for it yourself & then you'd have something to moan about!

Still paying off the sodding loan - how I wish I had a council house ��

BMO Tue 27-Jan-15 11:36:15

When you pay rent, you enter into an agreement that the landlord provides a decent place to live. That's one of the benefits of renting.

No one made you buy a house, it's something out of reach of many, many people.

OllyBJolly Tue 27-Jan-15 11:36:23

Not her fault she qualified for a house - YABU

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 27-Jan-15 11:37:32

Yes YABU. 4 days is a long time to not have hot water/heating especially at this time of year, and ideally a landlord would get onto it faster.

BarbarianMum Tue 27-Jan-15 11:38:19

<<When you pay rent, you enter into an agreement that the landlord provides a decent place to live. That's one of the benefits of renting.>>

This. Although I think 4 days is within a 'reasonable' period.

ApocalypseThen Tue 27-Jan-15 11:38:52

I'd expect my landlord to fix a boiler quickly, too. It's an essential.

When we buy, I'll have to sort it out myself. That's how it works.

judgejudithjudy Tue 27-Jan-15 11:40:17

& 4 weeks isn't, we didn't qualify for a council house as was working but she is single & has no intention of getting a job. We struggle with our mortgage repayments & OMG I long for a council house - no worries about things breaking we can't afford.

trice Tue 27-Jan-15 11:40:17

I think it is OK to have council house envy. Lots of people would love to get a council house but can't.

Shinyshoes2 Tue 27-Jan-15 11:40:20

You're joking right hmm
That's the joys of being a council tenant , the LL takes care of it. On the downside she doesn't own her place like you do
Pros and cons
This is nothing more than jealousy and to be bitter about her moaning she has no heating in this weather isn't a very friendly thing to do is it

EatShitDerek Tue 27-Jan-15 11:40:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Offler Tue 27-Jan-15 11:40:46

YABU. 4 days or 4 weeks is still bloody inconvenient to be without a boiler, and she is allowed to moan. She is not responsible for your circumstances.

You own your house, so you have to suck up the cons along with the pro's.

You can always sell up and rent if you don't like it, she may never be able to afford to buy a house of her own.

SunnyBaudelaire Tue 27-Jan-15 11:40:55

yes well I did feel a bit annoyed with my council tenant friend when all she did was moan about having her kitchen and boiler replaced.
On the other hand she had been there for 15 years and these were the first things to be done.
She also had to put up with council workmen not turning up/ turning up at wrong time/refusing to leave the flat when she had to go out for work, etc.
So you know, swings and roundabouts.
Just think about how much money you will make in equity eventually.

coppertop Tue 27-Jan-15 11:41:43

When your boiler has been fixed, you will own it.

When your friend's boiler is fixed, she will still own nothing.

If you choose to buy a house, you also take on responsibility for repairs.

Jackieharris Tue 27-Jan-15 11:42:15

'Working' doesn't disqualify you from a council house! confused

Shinyshoes2 Tue 27-Jan-15 11:43:18

Oh and OP being in work and not getting a council place because of it isn't true.
Myself and DP work and we have a council house

sliceofsoup Tue 27-Jan-15 11:43:26


I don't have a council house or the means to get a mortgage. So do I win?


Offler Tue 27-Jan-15 11:44:07

You don't sound like much of a friend tbh.

SunnyBaudelaire Tue 27-Jan-15 11:44:10

"we didn't qualify for a council house as was working" well that is pure bollocks too.
I do not even think that that is a question on the housing form is it?

Siarie Tue 27-Jan-15 11:44:24

I don't understand why this has to be a "council house". Anyone renting will get their boiler changed at the expense of their land lord, if you really want to you can go rent it's one of the few perks. Doesn't have to be a council house.

ghostyslovesheep Tue 27-Jan-15 11:44:51

Haha oh what a goady little person! Why not sell and rent - problem solved

PausingFlatly Tue 27-Jan-15 11:46:06

So sell your house and go and rent. It might have to be from a private landlord, but you will still have the benefits of renting, ie your LL is responsible for repairs.

Or do you not fancy that because of all the downsides?

LadyLuck10 Tue 27-Jan-15 11:47:13

Classic example of Myob op! What does it affect your life confused

Davsmum Tue 27-Jan-15 11:50:17

Its probably best to pay for monthly boiler cover if you think you cannot face a huge bill when a boiler breaks down.
It is difficult paying a mortgage when you are struggling - but you can't blame other people for your choices.

Birdsgottafly Tue 27-Jan-15 11:50:43

Ideally everyone should have a level of savings, especially if you are a home owner and not paying protection insurance.

I'm in a HA (former Council) house, I got mine whilst working and most of the people on my estate work.

So we are paying for our homes, which are substandard compared to privately owned homes.

Having been in a negative equity situation and losing my house because of having to be my disabled DHs Carer, I'm happy to put money into my rented home, because it's a secure tenancy.

But there is only so far I can go, I couldn't put a shower in, an extension on etc and it won't add anything to any long term housing plans.

You benefit in lots of ways when you own your own home, even if you have negative equity.

SaucyJack Tue 27-Jan-15 11:52:17

It's not her boiler if it's a council house. It's their boiler, and if course they need to pay to fix their own property just like any other landlord in the country.

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