Advanced search be highly pissed off now at 37 weeks pregnant or is that selfish?

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ScouseBird8364 Tue 27-Jan-15 09:41:05

I'm 36+6 weeks pregnant and so far I have...

Rib Flare
Constant UTI's
Excessive waters
Extreme sweating
Bad heartburn
Severe breathlessness
Bad toothache (!)
...and unable to walk, almost literally sad sad sad

I'm due to have section a week Monday but I seriously can't cope anymore sad

I feel selfish thinking this way, as many would give anything to be in my shoes right now, but my other 2 pregnancies (my boys) were plain sailing compared with this one (a girl) confused

I think it's safe to say NO MORE!!!hmm

Bogeyface Tue 27-Jan-15 09:43:20

Why is it selfish to be pissed off?

Not complaining when you feel like utter shite wont help anyone else will it?

Go back to bed and feel sorry for yourself, its allowed! Hope you feel better soon smile

fluffymouse Tue 27-Jan-15 09:55:48

I take it you are on maternity leave. Relax and put your feet up. Pregnancy is difficult.

I'm also 36 weeks pregnant and struggling.

It will be over soon!

ScouseBird8364 Tue 27-Jan-15 09:57:48

Unfortunately, we're in the process of moving home, possibly Thursday, so living out of boxes, arguing with utility companies and trying to cram in another Uni essay...angry

Sorry, bad day today! sad

Theboodythatrocked Tue 27-Jan-15 10:22:39

Poor you. Have a rant. Think of yourself enjoying a nice glass in your new garden with a pink baby snuggling up to you.

Or as this is mumsnet you baby will be in blue and your boys will he in princess dresses. grin

sliceofsoup Tue 27-Jan-15 10:25:01

You cannot be anything negative when you are that far gone. Seriously. Anyone who claims you are being selfish is a knobber.

Sn00p4d Tue 27-Jan-15 10:26:02

I had a similar rant a week ago.
Although things have taken a significant turn for the worse since then and I now long for the days when giant piles where my biggest problem.
You've got every right to be fed up, it's a difficult time, I hope everything goes well for you, not much longer.

MoanCollins Tue 27-Jan-15 10:33:45

No, but I had similar and gave birth at 38 weeks. Was told they always come early with excessive waters so not long to go.

canweseethebunnies Tue 27-Jan-15 10:37:52

You are not being selfish! I probably had less symptoms than you, but I finished an MA assignment 8 days before my dd was born. If I'd been moving house at the same time I would have died, or killed someone! Don't be so hard in yourself!

BarbarianMum Tue 27-Jan-15 10:40:43

It's not selfish, just don't share your feelings with any infertile friends or friends undergoing fertility treatment cause that would be really insensitive. But being totally fed up in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy is totally normal.

bubalou Tue 27-Jan-15 13:40:36

Op - don't feel bad and feel free to rant away.

I'm only 22 weeks.

So far not only did we find out last week that this baby has a heart problem called TGA that will need an operation days after being born but I feel like I'm falling apart.

Of course non of my physical symptoms compare to the worry of what will happen when this one is born but at only 22 weeks I have had -

- Hyperemesis (lost 1 stone, hospitalised, couldn't move, didn't eat for weeks, on a drip, medicated etc).

- Horrendously dry skin like a lizard on face and hands

- UTI (currently on course of penicillin)

- Sciatica has started kicking in now

- Haemorrhoids just began.

Lovely! smile

My pregnancy with 6 year old DS - no problems at all. Not even a small bit of sickness. hmm

ScouseBird8364 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:53:45

Oh bubalou, I'm so sorry sad here I was, ranting on yet you must be feeling so stressed with what you have mentioned sad

It's so hard to be able to enjoy your pregnancy when these things happen isn't it? sad Hope you have good support around you x x

bubalou Tue 27-Jan-15 21:59:20

Scouse please do not apologise! smile

I'm sorry for thread jumping - just nice to vent.

No doubt the penicillin will kick in soon, I will sort out the uncomfortable piles hmm and hopefully my lizard skin will soften eventually.

Everything is silly I know compared to what's wrong with baby but it just makes me feel worse with all these things on top of that if that makes any sense.

Hope all your pregnancy symptoms ease soon. smile

OhTheDrama Tue 27-Jan-15 22:40:45

No not selfish at all, the last few weeks are a killer. I'm at the same point as you as you and I'm struggling badly! Have had an awful pregnancy, we really thought at one point the baby would be here between 26 - 30 weeks, luckily that problem has righted itself and knowing my luck I'll probably head in the other direction and go well overdue

Be kind kind to yourself, put your feet up and take it easy, easier said than done though!

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