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To cancel weekend away with friend?

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Fanfeckintastic Mon 26-Jan-15 12:01:48

I'm usual an absolute advocate of time away where possible. Weekends with friends etc but I've booked a weekend with a friend for the end of March and I'm starting to really regret it.

All that's paid for is the very cheap flights that I paid for and obviously wouldn't be looking for the money back.

It's just that I seem to be working so much lately, I'm part time but have taken on lots of extra shifts etc, plus learning to drive I just feel like I'd really really miss DD (3 and a half) and DP and I are going for a night away the weekend before my weekend away (to see one of his favourite singers and stay in a nice hotel, surprise for his birthday)

My gut is now telling me I really don't want to go but I'm sure my friend will be furious. She was a SAHM until last week but I got her a job part time in a different section of my job, so maybe she'll understand? Could offer to bring her for a great night out here instead?

MythicalKings Mon 26-Jan-15 12:03:58

It's booked and you should go. It would be horrible to let a friend down.

Fanfeckintastic Mon 26-Jan-15 12:08:35

Yeah you're right. I'm just in work having a particularly "missing DD day"!

Massiveaggressive Mon 26-Jan-15 12:08:46

I really think you should still go as well, Imagine if your friend cancelled on you wouldn't you be gutted ?

ilovesooty Mon 26-Jan-15 12:09:08

I think you should go. I'd be really upset in her situation to be let down under those circumstances and would be re evaluating my friendship with you.

Hassled Mon 26-Jan-15 12:10:59

If there were a group of you going, then fair enough to back out - but your friend isn't going to want to go on her own, is she? It'll be one of those things that you convince yourself you don't want to do and the reality will be that you'll be fine and have a great time - don't back out.

expatinscotland Mon 26-Jan-15 12:13:13

I'd go.

fredfredgeorgejnr Mon 26-Jan-15 12:17:47

I'd talk to my friend... rather than decide without explaining what was in the original post to a friend I was interested in spending a weekend away with!

DrSethHazlittMD Mon 26-Jan-15 12:44:07

I'm a bit old school. If I make an arrangement with a friend, the only acceptable reason for cancelling something is being stuck at work (if your job is such that that can happen), illness, family crisis or death.

Fanfeckintastic Mon 26-Jan-15 15:00:48

No you're all so right, glad I asked! Thanks, I'm actually looking forward to it now.

Aridane Mon 26-Jan-15 18:19:57

Good for yo, OP!

ScrambledEggAndToast Mon 26-Jan-15 18:36:50

Go away. I've had nights/weekends before where I've been dreading it but dragged myself along and had a fab time.

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Mon 26-Jan-15 18:53:12

Plan something lovely to do with dd the following weekend.

LadyLuck10 Mon 26-Jan-15 18:55:19

Go for the weekend, you will enjoy once you're there. your dd will be fine, you will have a much needed break and good catch up with your friend.

wobblyweebles Tue 27-Jan-15 02:37:25

Where are you going?

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