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to write a letter now...

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dingdongdonna Mon 26-Jan-15 10:49:46

We live in an end of terrace, so only one party wall. neighbours consist of mum, an older teen girl (17-18), a younger teen girl (13-14) and a boy of around 8-9.

Almost every single weekend without fail, mum goes out to work the younger teen girl immediately starts blasting music out so loud that I can hear it on the other side of my house for a good couple of hours whilst the kids scream, shout and generally cause mayhem to impress whatever friends they have invited round. It's also started happening in the week when mum picks up extra shift - e.g last Tuesday and Wednesday nights at about 8pm each for an hour or so.

It was particularly bad over summer because the older teen girl has a particular love of drum and bass being played so loud that the entire street can hear it for about 5 hours whilst she hosts a party. Older teen girl is particularly sneaky about this because she stops the music at exactly 10.55pm.

We do go round and knock and ask them to turn it down (which they usually do), but recently the kids have refused to answer the door. I have tried tapping on the wall when they do that, but they just tap back, so they know what they're doing.

We have spoken with mum, who has told us she is really sorry every time and is trying to control them, and that we shouldn't be afraid to go round and knock. But she hasn't really acknowledged that they wont answer the door. We also know that her other side neighbours (hers is mid terrace) have complained to her too.

This weekend I was in on my own and I endured about 4 hours of this in the middle of the day on Saturday and kids wouldn't answer the door. What's the point of talking to the mum if it just carries on, despite her apologies.

AIBU to now write a formal letter asking for it to desist?

Vycount Mon 26-Jan-15 12:00:37

Next time call the police.

WorraLiberty Mon 26-Jan-15 12:07:35

Does she own or rent?

If she rents, can you complain to the owner?

sparechange Mon 26-Jan-15 12:07:38

The police won't do anything - it isn't a criminal matter.

Environmental health at the council might be more use. A talking to from them could scare her into behaving more considerately..!

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