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Sitting and waiting for the spots ....

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LondonBetti Mon 26-Jan-15 00:24:31

Spent the day in A&E with 11 month DD with a mild temp and rash. Rash is top to toe, very light but about 8-10 of the spots were non blanching.

A&E doc took a look (after a 10 hour wait!) and said that it's probably viral as she's well, eating, laughing etc. Didnt see a need for blood work or any tests. Said to come back immediately if she became unwell or got more spots.

So here I am, on the couch with a naked DD snoring on my lap, examining every inch of her. For the past 4 hours (three new spots in case anyone's interested). And will likely stay up all night as I won't be able to sleep with worry.

DH thinks I'm being ridiculously obsessive. He says I overreact and am over-anxious when the kids are sick and should 'do something' about this. I can't help worrying and think that I might as well sit up rather than toss and turn in bed. WWYD?

Mumtotherescueagain Mon 26-Jan-15 00:27:26

Well if you're happier staying up then do so. it's no skin off his nose is it. Tbh I would be pretty anxious in your shoes too. What's her temp doing?

LondonBetti Mon 26-Jan-15 00:48:44

Thanks Mum. Temp is normal now, last paracetemol was early afternoon so likely has worn off.

Jodie1982 Mon 26-Jan-15 02:20:51

I'd be exactly the same OP. If rather be up all night watching out for anything bad, than going to bed sleeping and then something bad happening to my child without me knowing. God Forbid.
Your a good mummy, doing a great job. Hope lil one is better ASAP. smile

LondonBetti Mon 26-Jan-15 05:48:17

Well, in fairness to DH he got up at 2am and sent me to bed for a couple of hours. Although he still doesn't agree with me!
Love, eh :-)?

Mumtotherescueagain Mon 26-Jan-15 07:49:09

oh bless him smile Clearly he wasn't anxious at all wink

Hope the baby is much better today.

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