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to have laughed out loud at the both smug and bad parenting?

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helicopterbitch Fri 23-Jan-15 14:52:50

Came across a "MummyGrammer" (a mum using Instagram as a blog)

She posted a photo of her son having been in an accident and needing stitches on his chin.

The caption reads I knew when my super human baby took his first steps at eight months I was in for this sort of trouble

Super human baby? Cringe.

The photo was of her son being pinned down with (I think) iodine on his chin about to get stitches. The poor boy is crying and looks terrified.

And what is his mother doing, she stated she was too traumatised to hold him down or hold his hand. But not too traumatised to take a photo confused

EatShitDerek Fri 23-Jan-15 14:55:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyLuck10 Fri 23-Jan-15 14:56:57

I'm sure her fb probably says 'full time mummy' too.
Have these people no common sense or self respect.

ToffeeCaramel Fri 23-Jan-15 14:59:05

Oh God. Imagine you were distressed and your mum stands there taking a photo to put on the net.

KittieCat Fri 23-Jan-15 15:02:20

Awful. I can totally sympathise with not wanting to hold down your child. DS was three when he had to have his cheek glued back together after a nasty fall. I womaned up, cuddled him tightly while my amazing dad held him, too. It was not a nice experience, left me shaky and my dad fainted!!
We certainly weren't taking bloody pics.
Poor kid.

TattyDevine Fri 23-Jan-15 17:04:22

I know someone who's facebook says "full time mummy and wifey" ! And not in an ironic way.

She's really nice though.

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