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To be astonished at my three year olds self restraint!?!

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TheCunnyFunt Wed 21-Jan-15 11:25:45

DD asked if she could have some of her chocolate reindeer that was still unopened for christmas (I know I know, IABVU for still having unopened christmas chocolate grin ). I said yes, and that I'd get her some in a minute when I'd finished what I was doing. Few minutes later DD appears 'I had a tiny bit of one of my reindeer!'. 'Shit!' Thinks I, I rushed to the kitchen to find that she had indeed had a tiny bit and not scoffed the whole thing like I would have done

Purplehonesty Wed 21-Jan-15 11:27:15

Bless her!

Sausages123 Wed 21-Jan-15 11:29:02

My 4 yr old Son is the same will only have a little bit, I on the other hand are waiting for him to forget about the Halloween/ Christmas choc so I can start eating it unfortunately as well as restraint he has a strong sense of ownership and a memory like an elephant!

Floggingmolly Wed 21-Jan-15 11:29:04

You say "one of my reindeer"... Are the rest still around? grin

TheCunnyFunt Wed 21-Jan-15 11:33:28

No it's what she says grin for example if I have a glass of juice she'll ask me 'Mummy, please can I have a tiny bit of one of your juice?'

It's quite cute smile

evmil Wed 21-Jan-15 11:34:48

Haha, my 4yo is the same. He asked for some chocolate santa yesterday and had a tiny bit, then offered me and DH the rest grin

WorraLiberty Wed 21-Jan-15 11:34:54

God I couldn't eat a whole one of those

They are lovely though, especially with a cup of tea.

ChangingItUp Wed 21-Jan-15 11:35:44

Mine's always been like this. I can give him a huge bag of sweets, tell him he can have 3 and to give the rest back which he always does. Never whines for more. Astounds my friends, apparently it's 'not normal' hmm.

Enb76 Wed 21-Jan-15 11:39:03

Mine is also like this and always shares her stuff, never just gobbles it all to herself like I do. It's inhuman. I hide stuff I don't want to share cos her hurt little face makes me feel terrible.

StrikesMatches Wed 21-Jan-15 11:39:05

That's lovely!

DD is the same. She's 4.5 and since she was about 18months, my Mum gives her (and DS) a fun size packet of buttons when she sees her. The odd time Mum hasn't a small packet, she'll buy a regular one, and DD eats half and hands me the rest as it's "too much"! DS (2.5) on the other hand, drags a chair to the treat drawer and helps himself to whatever will fit in his mouth... hmm

dingdongdonna Wed 21-Jan-15 11:53:49

stealth boast

TheCunnyFunt Wed 21-Jan-15 12:15:54

Strangely enough if you give her a bag of sweets etc she would devour the lot! I'm amazed she didn't at least try to demolish the whole reindeer!

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