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AIBU Regarding DPartners Ear Hair.

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Fatstacks Tue 20-Jan-15 15:19:17

He's very handsome in a rugged way.
Always clean shaven and lovely.
Showers far too much and is mostly adorable.

But he has ears like a bastard fraggle.
I mean so bad that I struggle to keep my eyes off them.

He has allowed me to pluck them grin

Admittedly the first time he was off his tits on morphine (a+e kidney stones, I was all over the fuzzy fuckers) and each time after that he lets me do one or two then starts crying about the pain hmm

AIBU to say it's a deal breaker, either the fur goes or he sleeps on the sofa?

CaptainAnkles Tue 20-Jan-15 15:33:57

'Ears like a bastard fraggle'

Haaaaaaaa gringringringrin

Sorry, that wasn't helpful

BadgersRetreat Tue 20-Jan-15 15:36:21


When DH goes to the barber they have a natty trick - cotton buds dipped in hot wax. One in each ear and one up each nostril.

5 mins later - rrrriiiiiiiipp. One very groomed man grin

Fatstacks Tue 20-Jan-15 15:36:54

Every time I catch a glimpse of them my mind plays the theme tune to Fraggle Rock.

It's bad. grin

tiktok Tue 20-Jan-15 15:36:58


My dh has a little tool thing. You can get them on Amazon for a few quid.

He does allow me to pluck his eyebrows, and you'd think it was torture.

19lottie82 Tue 20-Jan-15 15:38:53

ear hair is fucking rank on a man, there is no excuse. luckily I am happily married to a lovely man who lets me pluck his out on a regular basis, but I think if I was single, ear hair could be a deal breaker for me. it freaks me right out.

InanimateCarbonRod Tue 20-Jan-15 15:41:17


DH's eyebrows are freakishly long. He could use em as a comb over. They actually billow in the wind like wheat in a field. Now I take a scissors and comb to them when I'm cutting his hair.

CaptainAnkles Tue 20-Jan-15 15:45:25

I wouldn't fancy having hairs plucked from my ears tbh. My DH gets random hugely long eyebrow hairs but he cuts them off when I point them out to him. If he had ear hair I think I'd get him one of those little trimmer things.

Vicks72 Tue 20-Jan-15 16:07:19

YANBU - I too got dh one of those hair trimming gadgets & he uses it not only on ear hair but nostril hair & mono brow. I've made him sound like a right catch haven't I, but he is gorgeous really!

kaykayred Tue 20-Jan-15 16:09:11

I think asking him to use a trimming gadget, or to get an ear wax (if they exist!) from a salon is not unreasonable.

Provided, of course, you don't mind adhering to his preferences over YOUR body hair!

CatsClaus Tue 20-Jan-15 16:09:17

send him to a turkish barber...i believe they singe them off with some sort of naked flame.

limitedperiodonly Tue 20-Jan-15 16:15:00

It should be shaved, plucked or incinerated along with nose and back of neck hair and wild eyebrows.

And back and shoulder hair.

And chest hair above the collar bones.

And any body hair longer than half an inch

And those random little patches on the torso.

And toe hair.

I think that covers it.

limitedperiodonly Tue 20-Jan-15 16:15:57

I forgot about hair peeking through the bum crack.

SoonToBeMrsB Tue 20-Jan-15 16:43:46

My dad has a trimmer and refers to it as his "electric marker pen", as that's what it looks like. He also gets crazy long eyebrow hairs so my mum pins him down and attacks them with scissors every so often.


bigbluestars Tue 20-Jan-15 16:59:59

Turkish Barber!! I agree with catsclaus.

My Oh is a bit of a hairy troll but his Turkish barber sorts him out. Ear hair, nostril hair, eyebrows, uses some kind of flaming stick ( which OH tells me doesn't feel hot or hurt at all). The barber doesn't even ask him, it's all included in the price of the haircut ( around (£9)
He comes back looking very well groomed and the process is quick and ridiculously cheap. We have several Turkish Barbers locally.

FindoGask Tue 20-Jan-15 17:02:36

I've just started noticing two hairs protruding from my own husband's right ear. He catches me staring out of his peripheral vision and clamps his hands over his ears, going "STOP IT STOP IT GERROFF" because he knows I want to pluck them and he can't bear the thought of it.

He does have a Remington device of some description which until now he's been using on errant nostril hairs but he says it hurts.

2rebecca Tue 20-Jan-15 17:27:14

My husband has started using a Turkish barber as well. He thought it was weird first visit but now likes it.

Fatstacks Tue 20-Jan-15 17:28:09

Kaykay his exdw was German so she laid the ground rules, he doesn't even notice I have a full winter coat and still tickles my legs every night smile

Toe hair I ignore, his feet are like hooves anyway 30+ years in the army have left him with gnarled stumps.
Back hair I pull out as he falls asleep, oddly he finds that annoying hmm

The trimmer idea is fine in theory but it would need to be a commercial grade hedge trimmer to get through these bad boys.

I shall investigate this turkish barber thing. It sounds ideal and ,even better, cheap!

3WiseMenOr1WiseWoman Tue 20-Jan-15 17:53:13

I love, love, love plucking DH's ear hair and his...

eye brow long 'uns ("Healys" as in Denis Healy)
hair on bridge of nose
hair between the eye brows ("unicorns")
nape of neck hair
ingrowing beard hair - oh the joy of finding really long curled up ones

bigbluestars Tue 20-Jan-15 18:55:28

Couldn't think of many more horrible things to do than pluck OH's stragglers- sorry.

zippyandbungle Tue 20-Jan-15 19:02:50

Dh uses a Turkish barbar and does come back lovely shiny and hairless, however, last time he went thru stuck wax up his nose and in his ears. shock he has refused to go back as it was that painful. Welcome to our world.

limitedperiodonly Tue 20-Jan-15 22:03:03

Talk of Turkish barbers made me think of this. It's a Turkish bouncer but it's close enough and it's one of my favourite songs ever.

loveareadingthanks Wed 21-Jan-15 10:38:38

Second the turkish barber.

£10 gets DH a haircut, and included in that they trim eyebrows, and singe off any nose or ear hair.

someonestolemynick Wed 21-Jan-15 11:04:37

Since when is it OK to tell any human being what to so with their body hair. Yabvu.

bigbluestars Wed 21-Jan-15 12:19:04

Since we decided to be intimate with others.
My OH doesn't like me with stubble on my legs- he doesn't mind it long or shaved off- just not inbetween. He also asks me to trim a little kiss curl that trails over my clitoris- it gets in the way of his tounge.

I don't think these things are unreasonable. I prefer to see my OH without nostril hair- I don't think it's a big ask.

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