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To block her on FB

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Squirrelsmum Mon 19-Jan-15 00:42:42

DH's ex.
SHortly after they split up his ex moved interstate taking two of their 3 children with her, the youngest is now 15, he lives with her and stays with us on holidays, he is the only one without his own mobile phone. They split up around 10 years ago.
DH has 12 missed calls in the space of 6 minutes the other night, he left his phone in the car, there was no emergency, and she had spoken to the boys earlier that evening. DSS17 lives with us permanently and has his own phone. But like a lot of 17 year old kids does not cary it around with him constantly. If he is skating or doing other stuff outside he usually leaves it in his room. He will return her call when he retrieves his phone. The boys are welcome to use my phone to ring her if they don't have credit or whatever, I'm not stopping her from communicating with them. But now she has taken to ringing me constantly and messaging me on facebook when one of them don't answer the phone. I don't want to talk to her. I let DSS know when she has rung but seriously she's becoming a serial pest. DH has spoken to her about it but it's not sinking in.
She sent me a friend request on FB a few weeks ago and when I declined that caused a stir and she bombarded DH and DSS17 with questions about why I don't want to be her FB friend, um because she is not my friend and I don't want to be her friend.
So I'm thinking of blocking her number and on FB and seeing if her head explodes. WIBU

RandomNPC Mon 19-Jan-15 01:21:01

She sounds a bit nutty. YANBU indeed.

RedButtonhole Mon 19-Jan-15 01:26:14

YANBU. Your stepsons are old enough to manage the relationship for themselves and make up their own minds when they want to talk etc.

Unless there is any cause for concern, important information that needs too be passed on or an emergency, she doesn't need to be in contact with you.

AnotherGirlsParadise Mon 19-Jan-15 03:50:41

YANBU. Block her. Leave her to your DH and DSS - it's not like DSS is a small child, there's no need for you to communicate with her on his behalf.

Woman needs to get a bloody grip.

wickedlazy Mon 19-Jan-15 05:09:12

I hate having more than 1 or 2 missed calls from anyone on my mobile. The majority of people who would ring me know I have unlimited calls, and will ring them back as soon as I notice I have missed a call. I would have been annoyed enough to mention it when I rang back "what's wrong? Who died? No-one? Then why 16 fucking missed calls". Different on a landline where someone might not realise someone had rung while they've been out unless they 1471 and the person just has to keep trying (and that's more 16 calls over a few hours, not in less than 10 minutes). She sounds crazy! Is that why her oldest doesn't live with her now? I would block her number and her fb. Her kids are old enough to keep in contact themselves, though I suppose your dh needs to remain contactable just in case (until they all turn 18, then he can block her too).

wickedlazy Mon 19-Jan-15 05:12:27

Sorry misread 12 as 16. 12 in 6 minutes still bonkers!

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