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aibu to be pissed of....

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ghostspirit Thu 15-Jan-15 16:34:13

my children are 17/12/7/4 they do not shut up the constantly ague about crap that's not worth it... the 17 year can have a row with the 4 year old how she manages that i don't know... actually she talks to everyone like dirt... does enough taking though. talks to her friends and boyfriend like sun shines out of their backside...

the 12 and 7 year old ague about everything. just one example or it will go on for ever. 12 year old is next to bin. 7 year old says can you put this bottle in the bin. 12 year agues with him about get your own bin and that gos on and on....

the 4 year old she moans to. but she is not a problem i can humour her... ie oh dear never mind. ok we sort it out soon. oh no have a hug. just say stuff like that and shes quite happy yet everyone wants to ague with her....

anyway i'm extremely pissed of that my kids do not have a mute/off button.

Esmeismyhero Thu 15-Jan-15 21:16:06

I am with you, today was argument after argument and mine are 3 and 4!

I need Valium after a day like today

flowers here you go hun

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