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to bend the truth a little bit?

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NCforareason Tue 13-Jan-15 13:16:07

So me and dp have a near 3 yo ds who is a shocking sleeper. He can be up anywhere between 2-8 times a night (we've had many people involved, none who have given us the magical 'answer'!). Needless to say, we feel absolutely fucked on a daily basis. My eyes feel like they're bleeding, my head aches, I feel constant nausea etc etc. We both work full time as well which is a killer!!

Let me give you a bit of background, in addition to the shit sleep......OH rarely wakes during the night when ds wakes. I am the main 'getter upperer' as OH mainly sleeps through it. Most of the time I'm forgiving about this (he takes meds that make him very drowsy for a neuro condition) apart from when he wakes up and asks 'oh did he sleep through' when I've had a particularly shocking night with him!!!

So last night OH and I had a 'discussion' as we got into bed about who would benefit from a lie-in this morning. He's on lates this week and I've had to change my shifts as we can't both finish at 9pm (no childcare) so I have a couple of days off so we can each have a lie in to catch up. It was agreed he would have the lie in as I had one yesterday. Ok, that's fine except..........he wanted me to deal with ds during the night. I get quite defensive and pissed off as I think he's taking the piss. The way I see it is....if I'm having the lie in I have to get up through the night to deal with ds, if he has the lie in then I have to get up through the night to deal with ds. How the fuck is that fair??!! Don't worry, he got a verbal lashing for his idiocy and was left in no way uncertain that I thought he was a selfish twat!!!

So onto the ds was actually amazing! He woke at about 5am (not unusual) but just asked for water and said he was tired so wanted to sleep (WTF?! He has NEVER done/said that! 4.30/5am is his idea of an acceptable time to get up!). I gave him water, went back to bed. Next time he called I looked at the clock downstairs and it was 7am!!!! I went into the bedroom to get my slippers and OH stirred and asked the time......I said it was 6am. No idea why tbh, I just did. He asked how he was last night and I replied 'the usual'. Again, no idea why I bent the truth.

So, should I tell him the truth that he actually slept through and woke at 7am? Or continue to let him think that it was a 'normal' night seeing as I gave him a verbal bashing last night? I feel a bit smug that I essentially had a lie in (compared to what I'm used to!)

LadySybilLikesSloeGin Tue 13-Jan-15 13:19:26

I wouldn't say anything. It may be a one off too. Good luck for tonight, my ds was like this. It got a lot better when he started school.

GallicIsCharlie Tue 13-Jan-15 13:21:01

See whether it's still bothering you by tonight - or tomorrow morning, if you want to see how DS does overnight. If yes, confess. Otherwise, let it go.

I do hope DS is starting to settle more flowers

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