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To let this carry on?

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Aherdofmims Tue 13-Jan-15 11:37:18

OK so start off by flaming me because I have an au pair grin

All is fine between us and her thought and from what I have read on other threads we are doing all the right things re contract, money etc.

This is a small thing but:

Au pair's main job is to take Dd (6) to school every day and pick her up because I often work quite long hours and school has no breakfast club etc.

One of the grandmas in the playground always asks au pair to watch her grandchild in the playground before they go into school because she has to go round to the other playground with the other (older) dgc. One day the dgc disappeared into the crowds and au pair was worried and asking round for him to make sure he had gone in OK. This may have made her a bit late for English lesson, but she didn't say so.

I have told the grandma and child about this this morning when I dropped off dd (as not working today) and said yes I can watch him but only if he stayed where I could see him and mentioned earlier incident.

Au pair seems fine about it all. Question is ought I to be saying no, au pair will not look after any other children or accepting that she is OK with it if she says she is? I don't want her to be taken advantage of, purely from her pov as clearly it doesn't inconvenience me in any way.

The parents are really nice and have invited dd round for tea more times than I have had their ds if it makes any difference. However that has been of more help to me that to au pair!

Ought I to mention to the parents that grandma is leaving younger ds in this way? Grandma has also passed both children over to my Mum or au pair at the end of the road before but never to me.

I know some schools just have a drop off in the playground system anyway so there wouldn't be an issue. Am I overthinking? If I am please be nice and don't give me any biscuits - I am watching my weight!

guitarosauras Tue 13-Jan-15 11:40:51

Chat to your au pair, say what you said here that it doesn't bother you but may bother her.

Aherdofmims Tue 13-Jan-15 11:42:44

yes that's what I thought. I've chatted to her once but will ask her again. She is easy going but I worry that this just means she isn't saying when things bother her!

guitarosauras Tue 13-Jan-15 12:50:17

She sounds lovely as do you.
Tell her that you don't want others taking advantage of her loveliness and that you're willing to step in if she wishes.

Aherdofmims Tue 13-Jan-15 13:37:55

Thanks guitarosaurus! So do you!

BullshitS70 Tue 13-Jan-15 13:43:23

I wouldn't get her to promise to look after the kid every day, but as a loose arrangement. I do the same, drop one child with a friends mum I know sometimes and don't ask the same one twice in a week and only ask if we are a bit late.

I also return the favour, but its on a day to day basis, depending on who is in the playground when we are there.

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