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to wish that people would keep their fecking filthy dogs to themselves?

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BubbleGirl01 Tue 13-Jan-15 10:15:24

Lots of people on the school run (mainly mothers), in my area, take their dogs with them for some unfathomable reason. Most mornings DS3 and I have to dodge the fucking things as the owner has them on a long lead and they block the path with them and allow them to walk up to people.

This morning we had one pig ignorant woman let her dog almost trip DS over by the dog walking at his heels.

Another woman standing on the path talking to someone over the road, dog lead blocking the whole path, lets her dog jump up at my shopping bags, I have to ask her to move her dog.

Then further up, massive dog doing a big stinking shit (FFS who wants to smell that first thing in the morning in the street) dog lead again blocking the whole path, while woman chattering away on her phone, dog then comes to sniff at my bags.

ABU to say to people 'keep your filthy animal to yourself' and kick the next one who invades into my personal space.

jigglywiggly Tue 13-Jan-15 10:17:00

If you kicked my dog, I would kick you back.

Trazzletoes Tue 13-Jan-15 10:19:12

I hate dogs.

But it is the owner's issue, not the dog's.

BertieBotts Tue 13-Jan-15 10:19:27

Blimey you got up on the wrong side of bed this morning!

TheWitTank Tue 13-Jan-15 10:21:36

Agree on the school run thing- would never take my two. I appreciate that while my dogs are very well behaved, not everyone wants to squeeze past two big lurchers and might find them intimidating (I would have to tie them up outside to go in with my son). I also don't want to inflict loads of screaming noisy kids on my dogs. I find it much easier and calmer walking them at other times. Our school have sent a letter home asking that dogs are not tied up outside of the school gates which has been ignored.

TheCowThatLaughs Tue 13-Jan-15 10:21:43

It does sound like you've met some exceptionally inconsiderate dog owners this morning

BathshebaDarkstone Tue 13-Jan-15 10:21:57

YANBU. That would irritate the shit out of me. hmm

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 13-Jan-15 10:23:04


I understand that people own dogs because they are a member of the family/gives them companionship etc.

Bit once your life choices start impinging on others its not fair.

By all means own a dog, but toilet it on your own property and do not allow it to approach other people.

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 13-Jan-15 10:23:06

Well dogs need walking twice a day, the school run is a walk twice a day, not sure it's an 'unfathomable' reason why people walk their dogs on the school run.

Bad manners by anyone - path blocking, lack of awareness of what's going on around them, blah blah - is just bad manners, nowt to do with the dogs.

judydoes Tue 13-Jan-15 10:23:09

You sound delightful.

JohnCusacksWife Tue 13-Jan-15 10:23:09

Yet another dog hating thread. How original.....

VickyJH Tue 13-Jan-15 10:23:24

I take my dog occasionally on the school Run, he causes none of the above issues but I could assure you or anyone if they kicked my dog I'd be kicking them much harder! hmm

PopcornFrenzy Tue 13-Jan-15 10:24:15

YANBU dogs on the school run drive me mad, it's not fair on both the dogs and the kids.

LarrytheCucumber Tue 13-Jan-15 10:25:32

I used to take my dog to the school with me and then I, and quite a few others, would go on to walk round the fields. Mind you this was quite some time ago and those particular fields have been built on. If you have to take the children to school and also walk the dog it makes sense to combine the two.

brokenhearted55a Tue 13-Jan-15 10:25:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

molesbreath Tue 13-Jan-15 10:26:04

Makes a change from all the moany threads about inconsiderate drivers on the school run < yawn>

DropYourSword Tue 13-Jan-15 10:26:15

You can't fathom why people going for a walk might want to take their dog with them? Shitting on the path and jumping up on you is not acceptable. A dog lead blocking the whole path? That's a helluva sized lead.

I'm with jigglywiggly - if you kicked my dog you'd better be prepared for what I'd do to you.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 13-Jan-15 10:27:09

It does take sense to take dog on school run, but no need to be an arse about it. Dog should be on short lead and not approaching people, and people should be aware of their dogs behaviour.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 13-Jan-15 10:28:12

A dog lead blocking the whole path?

Presumably an extendable lead strung from one side to the other

DropYourSword Tue 13-Jan-15 10:29:40


Would you be fine with me saying this:

Once your life choices start impinging on others its not fair.

By all means own a child, but toilet it on your own property and do not allow it to approach other people.

Eminybob Tue 13-Jan-15 10:32:07

I don't agree that taking a dog on a school run is a good idea. There are too many people milling about as it is, and dogs get under your feet and in the way. Plus some children and adults are scared of dogs.
But I do agree that it's the owners issue. Kicking the dog is certainly not the answer. kick the owner

OnlyLovers Tue 13-Jan-15 10:33:20

You've unfortunately come into contact with some very thoughtless and/or selfish people this morning. Dogs shouldn't be allowed to jump up at people or be on a long lead in busy environments, and owners should take responsibility for their dogs' shits.

It's not their dogs' fault though, and not all dog owners behave that way.

LadyGlen Tue 13-Jan-15 10:34:57

Yet another dog hating thread. How original.....

Yep, <sigh> Not to worry next week it's 'smokers are the scum of the earth and should be shot' week.

Goes in cycles, I find.

brokenhearted55a Tue 13-Jan-15 10:35:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LastNightADJSavedMyLife Tue 13-Jan-15 10:35:42

A child generally won't run up and scare people or potentially bite them Drop. Or sniff their crotch bags.

I love dogs. What I don't understand is why they crap everywhere. Our dogs have only ever gone for a shit in the garden, which is then scooped up and dealt with in a composty thing.

Do we have unusual dogs who feel a sense of community?

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