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To not want to pay the full amount

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Knitivity Tue 13-Jan-15 00:13:15

I recently started work but before I did (some months ago) I paid for a school trip. I was on benefits back then so got a 50% discount. The trip is in March and I paid in October.

Today I got a letter from the school asking me for the balance (£62). I don't feel I should pay this as when I paid for the trip I was entitled to half off. I'm sure if I had paid the full amount and then lost my job I wouldn't get half back, so why should I pay the other half now. Has anyone else been through this?

AIBU in saying I won't pay and can they refuse my child a place on the trip?

SoonToBeSix Tue 13-Jan-15 00:16:28

Of course you should pay, the discount is for non working parents , you are working. The school doesn't have an unlimited pot of money.

SoonToBeSix Tue 13-Jan-15 00:16:53

So yes yabu

Koalafications Tue 13-Jan-15 00:17:04

I think YABU.

BabyX Tue 13-Jan-15 00:19:52

Is this a wind-up?

Who do you think is subsidising your other half?

SistersOfPercy Tue 13-Jan-15 00:20:28

It was generous of the school to order that discount in the first place. If you abuse it then it's unlikely to be there for anyone who needs it later on.

SistersOfPercy Tue 13-Jan-15 00:20:55

Order? Offer dammit.

ilovesooty Tue 13-Jan-15 00:22:57

Of course YABU. You're now working and that money can be used for others who need it more.

Knitivity Tue 13-Jan-15 00:23:01

I'm not rolling in money now. I'm working part time and after I pay my rent and council tax I get just a bit more than before. If it was a case of I could afford it I would but I can't. The school received money for me last term, as my daughter was on free school meals and that's where the discount came from. For them to receive that when I paid for the trip and now say, you're working so you have to pay the full amount is pretty off.

duckwalk Tue 13-Jan-15 00:24:05


Only1scoop Tue 13-Jan-15 00:24:19

Yabu and should pay up.

Knitivity Tue 13-Jan-15 00:25:20

Just to elaborate... the school have already been paid the other half from the local authority when I booked the trip and now are asking for it again from me.

Only1scoop Tue 13-Jan-15 00:26:27

That's for them to sort out.

Koalafications Tue 13-Jan-15 00:27:18

Drip drip drip.

Knitivity Tue 13-Jan-15 00:27:55

What does drip drip drip mean

Nanny0gg Tue 13-Jan-15 00:32:00

If you still can't afford it (and no shame in that) then go in and talk to the HT or HoY if secondary.

They should be sympathetic.

JeanneDeMontbaston Tue 13-Jan-15 00:33:45

Have the rules changed? I thought schools could not charge for trips made during school hours - they could only request contributions?

There must be lots of people who couldn't suddenly find 62 pounds if they've only been in work recently, mustn't there?

duckwalk Tue 13-Jan-15 00:34:39

The school will sort out the payments, money wil be put back into the school/council.
Genuine question..... if you had been working when payment was originally due (the same pay as in your new job), would you have signed your dc up for the trip? Would you have decided they couldn't go as you couldn't afford it?

Izzy82 Tue 13-Jan-15 00:36:49

Your child comes under the category 'ever 6'. This is for children who are registered as FSM 'ever in the last 6 years'. Theoretically, you get it for the next 6 years... Unless things have changed.

duckwalk Tue 13-Jan-15 00:37:52

jeaanne my dc is in p7 and they've always charged for school trips here, no requests for donations. Didn't even know that was a previous rule? (Although we're in Scotland)

pleaseclosethedoor Tue 13-Jan-15 00:38:39

I can see both sides to be honest. If I were you I'd just go and speak to them and explain your situation - that you've only just started working, that it's only part time etc. Would it make it any easier if you could pay it in instalments? 62 quid is a lot if it needs to be paid all at once and has come out of the blue.

Adarajames Tue 13-Jan-15 00:40:37

Could you ask them if you could pay the rest in small instalments so it's more affordable for you? Schools are so desperately short of money that it's not as though they'll spend the extra on non essentials, and lots of schools don't offer discounted rates, just all or you can't go, so be a shame if they had to stop being able to offer this in future due to lack of funds

Knitivity Tue 13-Jan-15 00:40:46

Duckwalk, No, I wouldn't of signed up for a trip costing £124 for 2 nights. I'm not rich.

JeanneDeMontbaston Tue 13-Jan-15 00:47:19

This link says that schools cannot charge for educational trips made during school hours.

However, I didn't realize until your latest post that this was an overnight trip, which seems different.

Knitivity Tue 13-Jan-15 00:47:30

My main problem here is, the school has already had the money from the local authority. The school got £1,300 last year via the pupil premium for my daughter because she was on free school meals. So to then ask me for another £62 when things are tight for me and they don't have to give back that money.

I've just sent an email into the head and I see what she says.

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