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To begin the public vs private argument again?

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Nomama Mon 12-Jan-15 17:56:02

Amused me. Maybe those who screamed that we, public sector workers, are overpaid and a huge burden on the state might like to think again!

Seff Mon 12-Jan-15 18:32:59

How about everyone agrees that everyone is on shit wages and complain about that instead of trying to pick fights.

FastWindow Mon 12-Jan-15 18:34:10

I thought this was going to be about schools. I was all set to say they are the same thing.

NotSayingImBatman Mon 12-Jan-15 18:36:38

That's an average Nomama, falsely inflated by the few that earn an awful lot.

I'm in the private sector. I've just had my second pay cut in as many years, but my area is so niche that I can't just get another job.

It's fucking shit for everyone out there.

SacredHeart Mon 12-Jan-15 18:39:25

Seff you are so right. I am sick of people attacking each other on this topic when the reality is we are all in the pooper. Being in the private sector has advantages and being in the public sector has advantages but all in all it's tough for us all.

stickingpoint2 Mon 12-Jan-15 18:39:51

But this shows public sector pays more? And yes ^^ wages are crap across the board.
I (was redundant as in unnecessary / useless etc) was public sector but was cut. I'd just be glad to find a job quite frankly, it is particularly galling that as I am not entitled to jsa etc I am irrelevant to anyone's figures.

Seff Mon 12-Jan-15 18:40:18

Infighting is what the govt. want us to be doing. Everyone is skint, no matter which sector they work in.

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